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Ramadan with Islamiyat App!

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In the spirit of the holy month of giving, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) offers the time to live and enjoy the month’s holy spirit, by benefiting the public with the ‘Islamiyat’ app which provides substantial related services and information during Ramadan. Users of the ‘Islamiyat’ app can benefit from a bundle of services that allows them to donate to charities and to those who are struggling to pay their debts.

The ‘Islamiyat’ app offers a wide range of eservices, most notably ‘Zakat’ service which enables users to calculate and pay their Zakat for charity projects verified by Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf.

The app also includes a new additional service offered by the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with iGA. ‘Fael Khair’, is goodwill donation service allows users to donate money for the benefit of the insolvents and the defaulted whom judicial rulings have been issued against, with the possibility of identifying the cases user wishes to donate to and support.

Although it can be used all over the year, the app is particularly helpful these days in light of the social distancing measures, which include replacing all physical kiosks for Eid Al Fitr zakat with online platforms and apps.

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Other services on the app include ‘Prayer Timings’ feature which provides accurate prayer times of the Kingdom of Bahrain when to break fasting, alarm for prayers along with a ‘Qibla Compass’ direction, and the ‘Hijri Calendar’.

It also usually includes information about mosques, Islamic centers and majlises, however, that information is currently not available due to the current situation.

The app is available for iOS and Android users, and can be downloaded from the eGovernment Apps Store bahrain.bh/apps.

For more information, please call 80008001.

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