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Regional Entrepreneurship Summit is coming to Bahrain

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Seedstars MENA is coming to Bahrain to organize the closing event of its the Middle East and North Africa tour with the MENA Summit on December 14th, 2017. For the second year in a row, the event will be organized in partnership with CH9, where it will gather all the local winners of the region along with 350+ registered attendees, including regional investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, and corporates. The event is organized with the support of the Bahrain Economic Development Board and Startup Bahrain, the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain and Tamkeen.

Dr. Simon Galpin, Managing Director of the Economic Development Board (EDB), said: “Rapid development in the region’s ICT sector is encouraging growth in the GCC’s digital economies and creating an environment which supports and enables technology-related entrepreneurship. The GCC must capitalize on this momentum and help tech-focused entrepreneurs to develop their ideas. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the startup ecosystem that we have here in Bahrain, which offers an ideal base for startups from all over the region to test out their new products and services. As well as a supportive business environment and strong ICT infrastructure, recent initiatives are making it easier for entrepreneurs to innovate- the introduction of a regulatory sandbox for fintech companies and the launch of Bahrain Fintech Bay are but two examples. Events such as Seedstars MENA Summit play a key role in encouraging innovation across the region. We are delighted to be supporting the Summit and we look forward to seeing its positive impact on startups and entrepreneurs.”

Here are the most promising startups that are joining Seedstars MENA Summit:

  • JunkBot – a UAE-based startup that allows you to make your own robots from junk.
  • Vision in Motion – Lebanese-based startup Vision in Motion is a B2B software solution that helps retailers understand their customers using security cameras and computer vision.
  • WNNA – Bahrain-based startup WNNA is an AI driven contextual search that utilizes Big Open Data & Semantic Web to provide users with personalized recommendations & actions.
  • 3oun – Jordanian-based startup 3oun is an on-demand mobile application that connects you with vetted handymen around you.
  • Paym.es – Turkey-based startup Paym.es is a secure shopping chatbot that helps users sell or purchase items on Messenger Apps.
  • Favizone – Tunisian-based startup Favizone is a Plug&play personalization solution that enables retailers to deliver recommendations across all channels: e-shop, emails and messaging apps.
  • Hooplacar – Moroccan-based startup Hooplacar connects brands with drivers to create on-vehicle advertising campaigns, live-monitored through GPS tracking and marketing KPIs.
  • WideBot – Egyptian-based startup WideBot is a builder platform in the MENA that enables anyone to build his own intelligent chatbot without any coding in only 10min.
  • General Senses – is Kuwait’s leader in sensory and experiential technologies, with emphasis on pioneering VR, AR, & natural human interfaces.

The event is also going to feature some awesome local, regional and international speakers which you can read more about here. In addition, the selected startups will be undergoing a 2-day Bootcamp on December 12 and 13, where they’ll be mentored and trained by reputable and experienced mentors such as Hadyah Fathallah, the Executive Director at C5 Accelerate, Haider Al-Mosawi, the CEO of Sirdab Lab in Kuwait, Charlie Graham-Brown the CFO at Seedstars World, and more.

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“This event is a fantastic opportunity for everyone from the region to come together in Bahrain and build bridges between the ecosystems,” Maryam Alsaegh, Executive Director of CH9 explains, “We look forward to hosting Seedstars MENA at CH9 on December 14th, and help entrepreneurs to skyrocket their growth”.

Don’t miss a chance to meet the mentioned and tens of other most promising startups, investors, business professionals, and mentors from around the world and learn from the superstar speakers on December 14th, 2017! The event is free to attend, but registration is required to reserve a seat. Go to the below link to get a free ticket: https://seedsta.rs/SSWMENA17

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