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Revitalizing Saudi Arabia’s Landscape: Ambitious Plans for Green Growth

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In a groundbreaking initiative led by the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification (NCVC), Saudi Arabia is set to witness a remarkable transformation in its environmental landscape. With a commitment to plant 12 million trees and shrubs across the country in 2024, Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Abdul Qadir, CEO of NCVC, announced the use of recycled water for these expansive projects.

At a recent ceremony commemorating the completion of a significant milestone – the planting of 1 million trees in the Buraidah Oasis – Al-Abdul Qadir unveiled plans for the rehabilitation of floodplains and meadows. This ambitious phase entails planting 12 million trees and shrubs, utilizing rainwater-harvesting techniques to revive 1,000 floodplains and meadows.

Collaborating closely with the nation’s royal reserves, the NCVC aims to ensure the success of this endeavor. Prince Faisal bin Mishaal inaugurated the Green Oasis project in Buraidah in February 2020, a monumental undertaking spanning 28 million square meters and costing over SR77 million ($20.5 million).

The NCVC has forged strategic partnerships with esteemed authorities such as the King Salman, King Abdulaziz, Imam Turki bin Abdullah, Imam Abdulaziz bin Muhammad, and the King Khalid royal reserve authorities. The targeted area for rehabilitation spans 225,000 hectares of degraded lands and an additional 1.9 million hectares of floodplains and meadows.

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These efforts are an integral part of the Saudi Green Initiative’s broader vision to plant 10 billion trees in the country. The NCVC’s portfolio showcases diverse projects, including the planting of 1 million trees in Al-Khafs Meadow within the King Abdulaziz royal reserve and the nurturing of 400,000 saplings of local trees in the Imam Turki bin Abdullah reserve.

Furthermore, significant contributions were made to the King Salman reserve, with the supply of 1.2 million seedlings, while 600,000 trees and shrubs found new roots in the Imam Abdulaziz bin Mohammed reserve. Notably, an agreement between Talal Al-Harigi, CEO of the Imam Abdulaziz bin Mohammed reserve, and Al-Abdul Qadir solidified the implementation of this far-reaching initiative.

This concerted effort signifies a monumental stride towards sustainable environmental stewardship in Saudi Arabia, promising a greener and more vibrant future for generations to come.”

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