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Rising To The Challenge

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Bahrain’s Innovative Approach to Sea Level Rise

In recent years, Bahrain has taken significant strides in fortifying its defenses against the threat of rising sea levels. The nation has embarked on a comprehensive action plan, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to safeguard its coastline and ensure long-term climate resilience.

At the forefront of Bahrain’s efforts is the development of a digital terrain model, which has enabled the assessment of various sea level rise scenarios spanning from the present to the year 2100. This meticulous analysis has laid the groundwork for the implementation of a robust action plan encompassing over 190 interventions, aimed at protecting a staggering 140 kms of the kingdom’s coastline.

These interventions encompass a diverse range of measures, including the construction of permanent walls using locally sourced stones, meticulously designed to withstand the impact of high-water levels.

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Furthermore, Bahrain’s visionary approach has seen the creation of coastal boulevards, where protective measures seamlessly integrate with public spaces, offering both safety and aesthetic enhancement.

The strategic planting of mangroves has been employed to stabilize shorelines, providing a natural defense against coastal erosion, while the replenishment of existing beaches with new sand serves to bolster natural barriers.

Moreover, Bahrain’s forward-thinking initiatives extend to the implementation of landscaping and flood bunds, utilizing urban linear infrastructure and vegetation to serve as formidable barriers against the encroaching sea.

Collectively, these interventions stand as a testament to Bahrain’s unwavering commitment to climate resilience, ensuring the nation’s preparedness across a spectrum of potential scenarios.

As Bahrain continues to lead the charge in climate adaptation, its innovative approach to resilience against sea level rise serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of proactive environmental stewardship.

By Raji Unni Krishnan

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