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Saudi Digital Academy CEO Set to Steal the Spotlight as Keynote Speaker at MEET ICT

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The Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) has recently revealed that Mr. Mohammed Alsuhaim, CEO of the Saudi Digital Academy, will be joining the 11th edition of the MEET ICT Conference as a Keynote Speaker during its opening session.

The MEET ICT Conference will be held at the Gulf Convention Centre in parallel with Bahrain International Technology Exhibition (BITEX), from July 4th to 6th, which is being organized by BTECH in collaboration with WorkSmart for Events Management.

Mr. Alsuhaim is the Assistant Deputy Minister for Future Skills & Digital Knowledge at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology & the CEO of Saudi Digital Academy and is set to present his research paper titled “The Importance of Skilling to Achieving Digital Transformation”. The company’s workforce will be more equipped to respond to changes swiftly and successfully if the people are future-ready which will keep a company one step ahead of the curve.  

According to Mr. Tareq Fakhro, Chairman of BTECH, the presence of renowned personalities like Mr. Alsuhaim from the IT industry is a testament to the conference’s significance. He believes that attracting exceptional professionals and speakers is crucial to achieving the conference’s primary goal of exchanging advanced knowledge and experiences in this field.

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Mr. Alsuhaim acknowledged this event as a remarkable platform that brings together distinguished experts and speakers in the field of information and communication technology. He appreciated the opportunity to stay updated with the latest technologies and innovations and network with peers to exchange experiences and ideas. He also emphasized the importance of contributing to the growth and advancement of this crucial sector.

BTECH is organizing this year’s “MEET ICT” conference which will be centered around the theme of “Achieving Sustainable Development through Digital Transformation.” The conference program encompasses 10 sessions, hosting decision-makers, industry leaders, and IT specialists from both the public and private sectors. Topics included are communication networks, financial technology, cyber security, and strategies to leverage technology in the information and communication sector.

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