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Services Catalogue, your Manual for Government Services

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Need one source for information on a required government service?.. Lack the time to call and visit government entities to enquire about required paperworks?.. Tired of re-sending incomplete requirements?.. Launched by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), ‘Services Catalogue’ offers a massive range of rich information and details related to government services that are gathered and delivered offline and online in one single place – the National Portal (Bahrain.bh).

You can avoid the hassle of looking around, asking friends and family or visiting government entities to find information on a government transaction. Especially the realization that you missed certain required papers and must return to complete the transaction. Citizens and residents can reduce the number of physical visits, time and efforts by learning – prior to carrying out the service – all the requirements, procedures, terms and conditions available at this comprehensive catalogue.

The Authority provides the public and companies with detailed information on nearly 1,000 offline and online government services from 45 entities in Bahrain. Government entities will also highly benefit from this Catalogue and as a result speed procedures on users as it will receive much-less enquiries on the details of services, better understanding of users to the process of procedures, achieve higher-level of customer satisfaction, employees spend less time completing submitted transactions amongst many other benefits.

Users may find services covering every sector in the Kingdom – from Education, Finance, Health, Electricity & Water, Traffic, Housing, Works, Passports, Social Insurance Organization, Insurance to Bahrain Bourse, Telecommunications & more.

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For any enquiries on the eServices, please visit the National Suggestions & Complaints System ‘Tawasul’ at Bahrain.bh/tawasul and follow Authority’s latest updates through its social media accounts @iGABahrain.

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