A recent graduate from university?… Got married, or divorced? Shifted homes?.. Update your details with the essential service ‘Updating of ID Cards’ that enables citizens and residents to update their personal details in order to receive services from government and private entities with ease.

The Information & eGovernment Authority encourages Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis alike to regularly update their information within their identity card chips immediately after a change of martial, residential, occupational, personal or academic status such as home address, job position or employer, transitioning from a student to an employee as well as renewal of passport, etc. As for expats, change of sponsor or visa residency also require updating of the identity card chip.

Failing to keep ID cards up-to-date may hold back card owners from benefiting from any public and private services in the Kingdom; additionally, leading to face several difficulties when applying or completing any transactions online or offline given that the information in the submitted ID card are not accurate nor recent.

The public can easily update their identity cards instantly without any delays by personally visiting with their ID cards any of Authority branches – situated in Isa Town, Seef Mall Muharraq and Mina Salman (for expat workforce) – or by allowing another family relative to do so from Sunday to Thursday (7:30AM – 2PM). Card holders are also advised to keep their cards safe from any damage as they are considered an official document.

For any suggestions or enquiries, please contact us via the National Suggestions & Complaints System ‘Tawasul’ on Bahrain.bh or the mobile app via the eGovernment Apps Store at Bahrain.bh/apps.