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Silah Gulf Partners with Cisco to Revolutionize Customer Experience in GCC

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Silah Gulf has announced its ground-breaking launch of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Cisco UCCE), one of the most advanced Contact Center platforms in the world.  The partnership will see the introduction of a host of digital solutions, such as Cisco’s Dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Visual IVR solutions, which are the first of their kind in the region, enabling Silah to deliver a more proactive and personalized customer journey.

Cisco’s conversational IVR technology leverages natural language processing to capture intent and handle customer contact requests accurately – enabling a seamless, self-service experience for Silah’s clients. Via the Cisco-routed platform, Silah will enhance its customer experience platform, while being providing with the business intelligence required to continuously enable contact center optimization. The platform is expected to provide an exponential increase in productivity for Silah customers, while also simplifying management of the network.

As a result of the partnership with Cisco, Silah has now established the most advanced Customer Engagement Center solution in the region. Silah’s digital experience capabilities have increased, by providing a multi-tenant contact center solution and communications manager that can serve numerous customers under one infrastructure. Additionally, the Center enables integration with the most advanced Chatbot and VoiceBot solutions in the market.  

Owing to the development of a digital workplace with highly reliable voice channel, Silah has been able to successfully handle hundreds of thousands of calls across its client portfolio during the pandemic. The platform has the capacity to simultaneously supports up to 2,000 concurrent contact center agents and 3,000 concurrent calls.

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Each of Silah’s customers will now be able to have their own tenancy as Cisco UCCE supports multi-tenants on application level under a single architecture, while ensuring that there is no interference between customers.  To increase the value proposition of Silah’s customer experience capabilities, Cisco has provided a comprehensive suite of customer experience platforms for recording and automated quality management, in addition to workforce management (WFM) and Bot solutions. In providing seamless services to customers via reliable solutions and support across channels, Cisco has ensured an enhanced customer experience, which in turn, has significantly enhanced and strengthened Silah’s offering in the market.      

Furthermore, Cisco UCCE supports integration with any back-end system to access customer information, giving each agent a 360-degree view of the customer history to identify areas of success and those which require improvement, both working to enhance the customer experience and enable KPIs.

“We knew we could trust Cisco both as an innovator and a partner in our success, because of its commitment to developing the most advanced technology solutions to improve the customer experience,” said Mr. Feras Ahmed, CEO of Silah Gulf. “The partnership will enable us to build a network that will have a transformational impact for our customers in the GCC and help us in our goal of driving innovation to deliver complete, end-to-end customer experience solutions for our clients.”

“For over a decade, Silah Gulf has empowered organizations across the region with the tools required to deliver quality customer experience. This next chapter in Silah’s journey indicates clear understanding of the importance of digital transformation and an ongoing commitment to enhancing its client offerings. We are proud to have developed a single, intuitive contact center framework for Silah, which will not only improve customer engagements, but also provide actionable insights to further aid enhancements and growth,” said Shukri Eid, Managing Director, Cisco Gulf Region.

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