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Smart Machines, New Technologies in Qatar

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Sage to host luncheon discussion on trends in Industry 4.0 technology

Sage Middle East, the leading provider of business management solutions will host a luncheon discussion on trends in Industry 4.0 technologies in Qatar. This luncheon is a part of a GCC series of discussions on Industry 4.0 technologies held by Sage ME.

Sage will provide insights into the nature, challenges, and opportunities of innovative smart technologies. Key amongst the discussion will be the characteristics and benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies. The four defining characteristics of Industry 4.0—vertical networking, horizontal integration, through-engineering, and acceleration through exponential technologies—when combined can lead to disruptive changes in markets and value chains.

“These technologies and innovations will require similar innovative processes and policies in places that will help identify, manage, maintain and grow company profits and value. At Sage we are committed to providing these systems and through our luncheon discussions, aim to communicate our product and service offerings,” said Mr. Reggie Fernandes, Regional Director of Sage ME.

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Organizations that choose Industry 4.0 technologies will see almost immediate growth in individual business departments such as research and development, purchasing and procurement, and production, warehousing and logistics. A peculiar feature of Industry 4.0 technologies is the communication between machines (M2M) without human intervention. “We want to showcase our readiness to handle Industry 4.0 technologies through our products and services, especially Sage X3,” commented Mr. Fernandes.

Qatar’s entrepreneurial culture will be instrumental in handling technology influenced change. As the country continues to diversify and develop its economy, these technologies will play an intrinsic role but will require the appropriate support infrastructure, procedures and processes. The luncheon discussion will be held at Crowne Plaza, Qatar on 24th November.

About Sage

Sage energizes the success of businesses and their communities around the world through the use of smart technology and the imagination of our people. We are reimagining the business of doing business and bring energy, experience and technology to inspire our customers to fulfil their dreams. We work with a thriving community of entrepreneurs, business owners, accountants, partners, developers and 3rd party service providers who drive the global economy. From social accounting apps to enterprise-class software, millions of businesses use Sage to transform the way they work. We are a FTSE 100 company with 13,000 employees in 23 countries. For more information, visit www.sage.com.



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