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Strong link between COVID-19 and cardiac injury, warns BSH Apollo Heart Center

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The BSH Apollo Heart Center has recorded a strong correlation between COVID-19 infection and cardiac injury since the onset of the pandemic.

Interventional Cardiologist Dr Abdul Azeez Mohammed states that the risk of heart disease doesn’t subside after the infection has passed and that the BSH Apollo Heart Center has treated patients who have tested negative for COVID-19 after an initial positive test. These patients were initially treated at the Public Health Facility and after testing negative multiple times, they presented with heart attack a few weeks after recovery.

“Globally, studies have found that approximately 1 in 5 patients with COVID-19 have presented with cardiac injury during the illness; and these patients are at maximum risk of death from the infection,” he added.

Dr Azeez cited a recent study out of Germany and published in the prestigious journal JAMA Cardiology, which found that there was some heart damage in 78% of people who had recovered from COVID-19, with on-going myocardial inflammation found in 60% of the patients, regardless of pre-existing conditions, severity and overall course of the acute illness.

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“This study underscores the need for long-term monitoring of patients for the cardiovascular consequences of COVID-19 infection,” Dr. Azeez said, adding that cardiovascular disease is responsible for 22% of all deaths in Bahrain, making this a serious community health concern.

To underscore the connection between COVID-19 and heart disease, the World Heart Federation has made one of it’s main thrusts “Use Heart to Fight COVID-19” in the run up to it’s World Heart Day campaign, being observed on September 29. The aim of this initiative is to foster a better understanding and greater practice of measures to improve heart health during these times.

As part of the BSH Community Service Initiative, Bahrain Specialist Hospital is offering Free Preventive Heart Checkups throughout the month of September, as a way to mark World Heart Day. The hospital is also offering 20% discounted rates on all cardiac procedures, including Angiography, Angioplasty & Stenting.

Managing Director at Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Dr Kasim Ardati adds that “We, at BSH, believe in preventive medicine; an important key to preventing heart disease is going for regular checkups. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the Free offer and help us in our efforts to bring down the rates of heart disease in Bahrain”.

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