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Subspace Selects Manama-IX for its Regional Expansion

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Manama-IX, the Bahrain based Internet peering service provider has announced that Subspace Inc. a company dedicated to enhancing network performance and improving online latency, will join its platform. Through this collaboration, both companies promise to deliver a new dimension to the region’s gaming space. Manama-IX located in Global Zone, the neutral transit zone, is powered by Batelco and housed in its Data Centre.

Lag is often cited as the #1 problem that gamers face when it comes to enjoying multiplayer online games, but by prioritizing, accelerating and protecting gaming data, Subspace significantly reduces lag and creates a seamless experience for gamers. Now that Subspace is present on Manama-IX, access to its services becomes faster for networks and content providers peering at Manama-IX, as the path to reach these services becomes shorter, thereby improving the gaming experience.

Adel Al Daylami – Chief Global Business Officer

Batelco Chief Global Business Officer Adel Al-Daylami said, “We are pleased to announce that Subspace has joined Global Zone and peered in Manama-IX. Subspace drastically improves latency times and network performance for gaming via a globally deployed infrastructure to hundreds of networks and a dedicated private backbone.”

“As a member of Manama-IX, Networks and Content providers using Subspace gain from a number of benefits including reduced wait time thanks to the centralized peering location, as opposed to needing to establish a dedicated peering point with every single operator, and this leads to reduced costs which may be extended to end users,” he added.

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Bayan Towfiq, CEO & Founder at Subspace said, “Subspace is revolutionizing the way multiplayer gaming performs. We create performance network environments for a truly level playing field across distributed players, providing uninterrupted and unfettered joy for competitive gaming.”

“For Subspace to truly thrive and make a difference, collaborations like this one are crucial. We can only create this seamless experience through partnerships like the one we have with Manama-IX and we’re delighted to be working together to form the backbone of the region’s online gaming experience,” Mr. Towfiq added.

Video gaming is no longer a hobby exclusively enjoyed by the young. As generations have grown up with video games as a normal part of life, the video gaming market size continues to increase across the globe. As per the Bahrain EDB (Economic Development Board) there are an estimated 336 million gamers within the MENA region, and it is estimated that the MENA gaming market will be valued at US$4 billion by 2022.

Bahrain, with its strategic location, is fast emerging as the gateway to a still largely untapped gaming market in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) that is growing two times faster than the global average.

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