Make-up, human race have done it for time immemorial in different ways to improve their looks of appearance. The underlying reason was not for the vanity as widely believed but to improve the self-confidence. The art of make-up has been invented and improved over the years as per the need of each time.  The latest in line is  ‘Ren of Fay’, launched by Suzan Kanoo, the President of Khalil bin Ebrahim Kanoo Company (K.E.K) and International Motor Trading Agency (IMTA).

‘Ren of Fay’ is one of its kind ‘Halal’ makeup line. The products are ethically clean, paraben-free, chemical-free and animal-cruelty free. The procedure, the human sources involved, the packaging and delivery is done in abidance to
ethical standards.

Suzan Kanoo, who loves the art of make-up started to notice that even if she had used major brands, they would make her skin weary and dry, upon continuous usage. She, then did her own extensive research, and was horrified to learn the amount of chemicals we use on our skin with these seemingly harmless everyday products.

Suzan Kanoo, came up with the idea to use some organic make up as our elders had used for their lasting glowing beauty. However, she had decided that her make-up should be trendy too.

The creation of ‘Ren of Fay’ underwent many stages of a complex research and process. A team in North America conducted the manufacturing following the Halal-certified procedures and ingredients.

Halal Make-Up Line

“Why shouldn’t I call it halal? This word shouldn’t intimidate anyone.” Susan Kanoo says. Even when her associates and friends advised against the label, she knew that it was the right time to actually bring the term more into the limelight.

‘Ray of Fay’ will serve diverse group of women from different walks of life and reaches out to masses. Each one of the ‘Ray of Fay product is Halal certified and come in extensive shades and products.  The brand presents excellent pigmentation and long wear colour cosmetic products. These chemical free products nourish and heal the user’s skin.

Halal products enable the Islamic users in their lifestyle which guides us to have hygienic lifestyle and to perform their daily prayers without worry. The luxuriously smooth, lightweight make-up products are not polluted with ingredients and materials harmful to humans. They are healthy and safe and leaves the skin with a gorgeous feel and look.

International Standards

‘Ray of Fay’ is not only for Islamic believers but also for ‘ethically-conscious’ make-up lovers.

Explaining how her brand is of international standards, Ms. Kanoo said “Without drastically impacting your skin, you can apply it on your skin multiple times. It is pure and organic, hence I can easily give them to my teenage daughter as well.

The time was right to launch a halal brand that is proud of its roots; we are now living in a world that is socially-responsible and is very big on organic. ’Ren of Fay’ presents itself as a captivating choice to look and feel good and with the very positive feedback we initially received from not just Arabs and Muslims but Westerners and any healthy makeup-loving individual, I am sure we will be striding to great heights with happy and satisfied customers.”

Ren of Fay products are being sold in Bahrain Jashanmal Department Stores- at Beauty Hall, in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and soon in the UAE. They will be soon available through E-commerce to various locations in the world.