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“Tamkeen” supports ExpressMed Laboratories’ expansion and hiring of Bahrainis

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The Labour Fund “Tamkeen” announced its support for ExpressMed Laboratories, a pathology laboratory that provides services to hospitals, clinics, private practices, and research facilities.

Through Tamkeen’s support, the Laboratories aim to expand its Bahraini workforce and provide 19 training and 25 employment opportunities to local talent. They are also planning on expanding their operations and performing tests of samples locally, instead of sending them overseas. In addition, the laboratory will include a training center for advanced laboratory technologies and aims to host International Conferences for interested stakeholders in the Kingdom and abroad. The facilities will also allow for training partnerships with local and regional universities and colleges to deliver the relevant material to students in the field.

Commenting on this collaboration, Her Excellency Ms. Maha Mofeez, Chief Executive of the Labour Fund “Tamkeen” stated: “Our support for ExpressMed Laboratories comes as part of our strategic direction to support all sectors while incentivizing key economic sectors, which includes the rapidly growing healthcare industry. We are eager to see the advanced technological changes that will be brought forward by ExpressMed Laboratories, and its impact on upskilling and creating employment opportunities for local talent.”

In addition, Mr. Kadhem Alkhenaizi, Managing Director at ExpressMed Laboratories added “We are delighted to provide critical laboratory solutions and open new horizons to the this highly emerging sector. Through Tamkeen’s support we will be able to expand our operations, employ more local talent, and facilitate the training and development of Bahrainis that are interested in joining this field.” He added: “ExpressMed Laboratories is in the process of re-branding and re-positioning and the new name soon will become ExpressMed Diagnostics and Research to reflect the advanced technologies that are available in the laboratory and give higher value”

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ExpressMed Laboratories is the first laboratory in the Kingdom of Bahrain to offer Advanced Laboratory Services and has availed the accreditation of the College of American Pathologists (CAP). It is notable that the customer base for ExpressMed Laboratories have expanded both in the GCC, as well as internationally. In addition, the Laboratory aims to train and hire local talent in the healthcare field. The services provided by Express Med Laboratories include Histopathology/Cytopathology, Renal Pathology, Dermatopathology, Clinical Pathology, Molecular Pathology, Genetics, Electron Microscopy, Research Services, and COVID-19 PCR Testing Services. The results are signed out by highly experienced and qualified pathologists with different subspecialties. Consequently, the methodologies are performed by highly skilled laboratory technologists and technicians following standard operation procedures.

The private healthcare sector employs 2% of the total workforce and contributes 1.5% towards the Kingdom’s GDP. The expansion of healthcare facilities and new private healthcare clinics are in response to the growing population and rising need for specialized healthcare.

Tamkeen recently announced initiatives to support the employment and wage increments for Bahraini doctors. This is in line with the strategic objectives for the year which focus on four key priorities: facilitating the increased economic participation of Bahrainis, providing training that is aligned with the labor market needs in new and emerging skills, as well as enterprise and ecosystem development, all of which drive positive economic impact and sustainable growth.

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