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The Arabian Gulf University Hosts Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

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The Artificial Intelligence Workshop, organised by the Centre for Community Services, Consultancies, Training and Continuing Education (CSCTCE) at Arabian Gulf University (AGU), has been recently concluded. The workshop was presented by Dr Shaikha Eshaa bint Mohammed bin Hamad Al Khalifa, CEO of SayG, and First Vice President of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society.

The workshop, which was attended by a number of members of the academic and administrative staff at the University, aimed to introduce the basic topics in artificial intelligence and its uses. The workshop covered the definition and concept of artificial intelligence, types of artificial intelligence applications and tools, as well as ways to benefit from software, applications and websites that operate with artificial intelligence.

During the activity, Dr Shaikha Eshaa bint Mohammed bin Hamad Al Khalifa provided a comprehensive understanding of the concept of artificial intelligence and its employment in professional work. She detailed the types of applications and different tools for artificial intelligence, and the mechanisms for applying the concepts and tools in a practical context.

She further emphasised the importance of using advanced technology to improve the quality of daily work. She highlighted that artificial intelligence has the potential to enhance the capabilities of employees and administrators, but it is crucial to set limits and capabilities to prevent it from exceeding them.

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Additionally, Dr Shaikha Eshaa also stressed that people must be made aware of artificial intelligence and not rely solely on it, underlining that the outputs of artificial intelligence must be reviewed in anticipation of any unexpected risks.

The workshop aimed to promote a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence among employees and administrators, enabling them to harness its potential to improve their work.

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