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The Bahrain Deaf Sports Federation Unveils the Deaf Futsal League

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The Bahrain Deaf Sports Federation announced the launch of the highly anticipated Deaf Futsal League. The league, which marks a significant milestone for the federation since its establishment in 2019, is set to kick off on October 20th at the esteemed Sh. Isa bin Rashid Hall D.

In a press conference held at The K Hotel, key details of the league were unveiled, including the number of participating players and the entities supporting this groundbreaking event. The conference was attended by figures such as Mr. Basem Almuathen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Jassim Hasan Mubarak, Vice Chairman, Mr. Khalid Mohammed Alhasan, Secretary General, Shaikh Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Executive Director, and Mr. Isa Abbas, the Deaf National Team Coach. The event was also graced by the presence of numerous press, media, and sports account members.

During the conference, Mr. Basem Almuathen emphasized that the launch of the Deaf Futsal League aligns with the federation’s goals and plans for the year, serving as the first of many leagues, events, and activities to be organized in the near future. He expressed heartfelt appreciation to all who have contributed to the establishment of the league for the deaf community, recognizing the indispensable support of media organizations, which will play a vital role in the league’s success.

Mr. Jassim Hasan Mubarak shed light on the federation’s overarching strategic objectives and plans, which were meticulously devised at the outset of the year in accordance with the directives of the sports leadership in our dear Kingdom.

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Furthermore, Shaikh Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa presented detailed insights into the league, showcasing a video announcement, revealing the names of the participating teams, and disclosed the number of players. He emphasized that all players in the league belong to the deaf category and assured that the league’s organizing committee is fully prepared to deliver a remarkable inaugural season, aligning with the aspirations of the Board of Directors and the federation’s administration.

Coach Isa Abbas addressed the goals set by the technical staff for the league, aiming to build a competitive team capable of representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in various international competitions. An important objective is also to expand the pool of talented players eligible to join the national team.

The press conference concluded with an interactive session, allowing journalists, media personnel, and sports account representatives to seek clarification on any matters related to the Deaf Futsal League.

With the launch of the Deaf Futsal League, the Bahrain Deaf Sports Federation is making significant strides in promoting inclusivity and providing a platform for deaf athletes to showcase their skills and passion for the sport. The league promises to captivate audiences and inspire a new generation of talented players within the deaf community.

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