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The “Down Syndrome Carnival” Concludes at the AGU

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The Down Syndrome Carnival organised by the Activities Committee of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) Student Council on January 30, 2024, was recently concluded, with the participation of more than 30 children with Down Syndrome. 

The activity was organised in cooperation with the “Simu” team, with the aim of supporting and integrating people with determination, providing them with an educational and entertaining atmosphere, as part of the efforts to achieve their integration into society and raise awareness of the best ways to deal with this genetic disorder in different age groups.

On the occasion, Ms. Fajr Badr Al Yaqout, Head of Organising Committee, and a sixth-year student at the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences (CMMS), stated that the event was organised by 52 male and female students from the College, and has been held for the third consecutive year, building on the success of the previous editions.

She added that the “Down Syndrome Carnival” included a diverse entertainment programme led by journalist Mr. Ali Yassin, with games, competitions and recreational and educational activities that brought happiness and joy to the children.

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For her part, Ms. Aysha Alsubaiei, Head of the Student Care and Housing Unit, stated: “The primary goal of continuing to hold this carnival, which is organised by a distinguished group of students from the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences for the third consecutive year, is to build on the success achieved by the event in past years. The event has garnered high value results that carry beautiful and positive meanings, reflected in the way university medical students interact with children with Down syndrome in an enthusiastic and interactive atmosphere, enhancing their community service experience.”

Ms. Alsubaiei reiterated that the Deanship of Student Affairs is keen to organise events targeting various segments and groups of society, recognising the positive outcomes that contribute to the social and humanitarian development of students.

She added that the brilliance of medical students in organising these events, whether internal or external, is evident in their ability to reach various public segments, wherever they may be.

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