The exotic flavours of Asia


    Rauchi at Ramee Rose serving up a refreshing twist on fusion cuisine

    Rauchi at Ramee Rose Hotel 2nd Floor is an Asian fusion restaurant that serves an exciting range of Chinese, Thai and Mongolian Cuisine. Although Far Eastern in essence, Rauchi’s take on the cuisines comes with a modern twist.

    A lavish morning breakfast buffet, one of the best in town, features 18 dishes and includes cold cut meats and a cheese counter. What’s more amazing is the surprisingly affordable price tag of BD5.5 per person.

    Meanwhile, a luxurious seafood brunch is also served every Friday which comes at BD7 and BD15 with select beverage. The Asian Dinner buffet is BD4 and includes one beverage.

    Highlight dishes include starters such as Wok-Tossed Squid Rings, Salt and Pepper Prawns in addition to standout main courses like Stir Fried Crispy Duck and the Singapore Laksa.

    These dishes are sure to capture the imagination and impress even veterans of Asian cuisine. Rauchi breathes an exclusive aura that sets it apart from the rest. 

    The restaurant also has an efficient delivery service spaning almost the whole of the kingdom.