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The Merchant House, Bahrain and Bahrain Food Bank partner to support the community this Ramadan

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The appearance of the new crescent moon signals the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. Embracing the spirit of generosity during the month of Ramadan and in line with its unwavering sustainability efforts, The Merchant House has partnered with Bahrain Food Bank to provide their patrons with the chance to enjoy a good iftar and do a good deed at the same time.

Justin Kim, General Manager of The Merchant House, said, “Ramadan being a month full of flavour and incredible gastronomic experience, is also a month of worship and giving back to the community. Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has always been an important part of The Merchant House. We take great pride in knowing that partnering with Bahrain Food Bank positively impacts the welfare of the underprivileged and brings joy to the community. We have also built exciting menus in the spirit of the holy month, which captures the authentic flavours of Ramadan. Whether guests want to break their fast or share the spirit of Ramadan with family and friends, they are welcome to enjoy a mix of traditional Middle Eastern dishes as well as modern twists to old classics and do so in a thoughtful and meaningful way.”

This holy month of forgiveness and contemplation is made more purposeful with initiatives such as these that ties the community together as they gather with their family and friends and share in the Ramadan spirit. The Merchant House, Bahrain has been welcoming guests to celebrate Ramadan by offering an array of iftar specials that enables them to break their fast with a family-style set menu that includes Ramadan classics, standard main courses, and desserts. The guests dining-in will be embracing the traditions and spirit of Ramadan and be able to share in this experience in a meaningful way through the partnership initiative with the Bahrain Food Bank. To make your weekends memorable this month despite the differently styled Ramadan experience; The Merchant House is hosting ghabga/iftar entertainment every Thursday and Friday with Qanun and Oud music. You can still experience the taste of tradition at The Merchant House with your family and friends in a safe and socially responsible environment.

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