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The Rhythm of Details in Painting: Interview with Abeer Jaffar Ayyad

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The self-taught acrylic painter, and a Multiple Awards Winning Artist, Abeer Jaffar Ayyad talks about her artistic journey. She has participated in the International Arab Youth Conference on the 37th, under the patronage of King Hussein Foundation- The National Center for Culture & Arts, in cooperation with UNICEF, in Jordan in 2018, representing the youth of Bahrain in the Art field. Won First Place in the national Traffic awareness art award 2020 (in a moment) under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior, The first place the international art award (Social distancing awareness award 2020) under the patronage of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs. In addition to winning First place in the national health awareness awards competition by RCSI in 2018. As well as winning first place in the international art competition “Bahrain celebrating “in 2021.

What influenced you to be an artist?

We live in a world that a lot of differences exist, regardless of the 7 billion people, or I might refer to the totality of human beings, lots of great details are what really shapes the world, and it is all connected through their uniqueness. To illustrate, everyday mandate tasks, as such simple things to do, and yet people rarely notice the art of details during the process. Myself as a human being, as an artist, and a student, I need to appreciate these details as should be, and express it on my canvases.

The person who influenced me the most is my mother. She is the one who lit up the spark to start my art journey.

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How did you start? Did you take any training or classes?

I am a self-taught artist. I gained my experience through years of practice. I totally believe that talent is a gift a person receives by practice, rather than being born with it.

Do you have a central theme for your art pieces?

My art pieces are recognized through the rhythm of their details. I create visual tempo in my artworks to provide a path for the viewer’s eye to follow.

How has your art evolved through the years?

I am a person who admits my obsession with any art-related talk. I began drawing illustrations of different art character designs as a hobby since childhood, it grew through participating in different art competitions, and eventually, I took it seriously 4 years ago after discovering my passion for acrylic painting. 

You have joined a lot of art competitions around the world, how was the experience, and what did you learn from it?

Taking part in different art competitions around the world created the opportunity to get to know different artists from different backgrounds, and eventually having an interest in knowing different art styles around the world allowed me to be more creative at doing my artwork.

You have also won a lot of these competitions, which is the most memorable win and why?

Frankly, the first art contest I won, when I was in the 5th grade, and it was about writing a story and inserting pictures along with it with a partner on a computer. I challenged myself to do these pictures as drawings within a time limit of 2 hours using only a computer mouse and the basic “paint” application of windows XP. It opened my eyes to realize that art could be performed anywhere, with any kind of tool.

Who’s your favorite artist? 

Dan Alva, Miami Contemporary Artist.

How are you going to apply your art in the course that you’re currently studying? (Hotel Management)

We can all agree that tourism, travel, and hospitality sectors are what really keep people connected, therefore expressing art is no longer limited to one place, but it is a way to connect with the larger environment. When well-executed, hospitality and art should work hand in hand, both offer an experience and a sense of escape. Art can be understood, transmitted, and exchanged in any context.

What do you advise to fellow students who are juggling school and art?

A Fundamental Part of balancing between school and practicing art is time management, being productive in various life aspects by working smarter, planning, and prioritizing different tasks and responsibilities. Being well organized enables maintaining a clear picture of the path to take.

On the other hand, however, being self-aware is essential, paying attention to mental health while handling stress, in addition to tracing hidden time flows, highlighting inefficient processes drains, and laying out productive patterns.

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