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The Sweet Journey of Baladna Sweets and Café

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When Nuha Hamdan came to Bahrain in 1990, little did she know that the island is going to be her home for years to come. She started her career in a marketing company, but left when her second child was born. As an energetic person, she decided to open own business in 1996, selling home accessories.

Yet fate had something else planned for her. One day, close to Eid, as she was sitting with her friends, she realized that there were no Arabic sweets available here in Bahrain similar to those in her homeland of Palestine. This generated an interest in her, and she began importing sweets from Jordan and became an agent and distributor of a Brand Name from Jordan. Ultimately, the business became successful due to a great demand for Middle Eastern sweets, such as Baklawa and Kunafeh.

Nuha Hamdan opened her first Branch in 2001, importing and selling Arabic Sweets such as all kinds of Baklawas and mamouls. The business was very successful and in 2006 she opened her second Branch and  started producing sweets locally by importing raw material from Jordan and added a variety of other Middle Eastern sweets to the menu.

Ultimately, she started catering for hotels especially during Ramadan. Due to the business’s success and the business started evolving and decided to producing all kind of Baklawa and Maamoul locally From A To Z and  , import a minimal amount of raw material and purchase the rest from the local market .

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Two years ago she changed the name of her Business and Branded her sweets as BALADNA SWEETS . She produced a variety of sweets from Halawet El Jiben to Kenafeh, Balurieh, Barazek and Dawleeb el Hawah  and all kind of Mammoul for Eid and many more.

Currently, Baladna Sweets and Café is planning to start exporting our sweets to other countries ( MADE IN BAHRAIN) and accepting custom orders. The brand is called Baladna Sweets and Café because Nuha Hamdan considers Bahrain, Palestine, and Jordan as her homelands.

Now we have 2 branches Bahrain Mall 1st floor Tel +973-17555366, Salmaniya Branch Near Patchi: Tel +97317242078. For delivery call 66935000.

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