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The Taste Of Italy – Pasquale, Reef Island

Taste of Tradition with With Chef Cortello

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Pasquale is perhaps the only Trattoria that has consistently prepared all of its dishes in the rich Italian traditions. This Outlet is an Italian fine-dining, upscale restaurant which serves full service of lunch and dinner menus featuring Italian meals and focus on fresh homemade Pastas & Pizzas with a premium choice of fish & meat selection prepared by their Italian chef. Our Chef for the week is Chef Cortello who will teach us our Dish of this week, TAGLIATA DI MANZO. Sounds difficult? Don’t you worry! Go Italiano!

The ingredients are-

250g rib eye
20g rockets leaves
75g Parmesan flakes
30g balsamic glaze
5 g black pepper
25ml olive oil
5g salt
Red Capsicum
Yellow capsicum
Green capsicum

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