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Get Creative in the Kitchen with Likee’s Top Food Creators this Ramadan

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Ramadan is a time of introspection and devotion for Muslims all around the world. It is also a time for delicious food and family gatherings. During the holy month, creators on short-form platforms regularly share their favourite meals, recipes, and tips for preparing delicious and healthy dishes. As such, Likee, the popular social media platform, has brought together some of the most talented food creators from the MENA region to offer their unique perspectives on Ramadan cuisine.

Lina Arar (Linaarar_kitchen)

Lina is a passionate cook and Likee creator who believes that food is an expression of love. Her advice for Ramadan meals is to keep it simple and healthy. She recommends incorporating healthy ingredients like olive oil, reducing sugar and using whole wheat or oat flour as substitutes while cooking. For traditional Ramadan dishes, she suggests baking instead of frying and using a variety of fillings like meat or chicken, veggies, or cheese. Her favourite traditional dish is Qatayef, which is a sweet dumpling filled with cream or nuts, or a folded pancake, similar to a Scottish crumpet. Lina also emphasizes the importance of hydration during Ramadan and suggests drinking fresh fruit juices rather than sweetened juices. For snacks, she recommends oatmeal with milk, yogurt with dates, chocolate with nuts, and Qatayef.

Wejdan Mreyaani (Tanjorh)

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Wejdan is another talented Likee creator who loves to share her love for food with her followers. Her tip for Ramadan meals is to plan ahead. She suggests making a weekly meal plan to ensure that you have all the necessary ingredients and avoid last-minute stress. Wejdan’s favourite dishes to prepare during Ramadan are soups, Sambousek, and trays of oven-baked chicken, meat, potatoes, or baked kibbeh. To make these dishes healthier, Wejdan recommends replacing dairy butter with cashew butter and preparing it at home to use with sweets, and replacing sugar with honey, dates, and sometimes with Stevia. Wejdan also recommends to know guests’ food preferences ahead of time to avoid any food waste and keep all your guests satisfied.

Reem Olayan (Reeem.cooks)

Reem is a food blogger and Likee creator who believes that food brings people together. Her advice for Ramadan meals is to experiment with new recipes and flavours. She suggests preparing ingredients ahead of time and limiting meal variations to enjoy a healthy Iftar with family without exhausting ourselves or wasting food. Her favourite traditional dishes to prepare during Ramadan are Musakhan, Mansaf, Mouloukhiya, and Palestinian pastries. To make dishes healthier, Reem suggests reducing calories and preparing healthy options with organic and natural ingredients, but highlights that this may lose some of the original taste. For example, she replaces thick bread with thin bread and uses less olive oil when frying onions for Musakhan. She also recommends using honey, bananas, and dates as substitutes for sugar and using milk instead of concentrated heavy cream for desserts.

Amal Boukataya (Chef_Amal)

Chef Amal is a professional chef and Likee creator who specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. Her tip for Ramadan meals is to balance flavours and textures. She suggests using a variety of textures to make each dish interesting. While her favourite Ramadan dish are Musakhan rolls, Amal suggests that other traditional dishes, such as Qatayef, Kunafeh, Tunisian sweets, and Eish al BolBol could be made healthier by replacing sugar with maple syrup or dates. For quick and easy meals during Ramadan, she recommends putting Tortilla bread/Taco in Air Fryer with veggies and cheese, and baked Sambousek with either meat or cheese that can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the freezer until you are ready to prepare it. She also suggests creating a memorable dining experience for families and friends during the holy month of Ramadan by decorating the home with traditional lanterns and Eid decorations, focusing on the table setup with flowers and candles to keep it elegant and well set, and transferring all the Ramadan traditions to children so they can grow up with those values. She emphasizes the importance of gathering, joy, and family spirit during Ramadan.

These Likee creators have been sharing their love for food throughout the Ramadan season. Lina has been posting videos of her favourite Ramadan recipes, including a tutorial on how to make Qatayef at home. Wejdan has been sharing her weekly meal plans and offering tips on how to stay organized in the kitchen. Reem has been experimenting with new flavours and sharing her creations with her followers. Chef Amal has been showcasing her expertise in Middle Eastern cuisine, including a tutorial on how to make Eish al bolbol.

The creators’ advice for preparing and enjoying delicious meals during the holy month of Ramadan is to keep it simple, plan ahead, experiment with new flavours, balance textures, and create a memorable dining experience. They also emphasize the importance of using healthy ingredients, drinking enough water, and getting creative in the kitchen. With these tips, you can prepare delicious and nutritious meals for your family and friends during Ramadan.

From Lina’s simple and healthy recipes to Chef Amal’s expert guidance on Middle Eastern cuisine, these creators offer a range of insights and inspiration for anyone looking to spice up their Ramadan meals. Likee has been supporting these creators throughout the season, providing them with a platform to share their love for food and connect with their followers. Join the #ShareAMealInRamadan initiative on Likee and celebrate this holy month with delicious food and tips from some of the top food creators in the MENA region. Ramadan Kareem to everyone!

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