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The Treasured Moment for Proud Indians!

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As India completes 75th Independence Day; commemorating a victorious landmark in the history of India and yet another glorious year of her Independence, it is a treasured moment in the hearts of all proud Indians. 

To observe this special day, we Indians honor freedom fighters of all age groups and pay immense tribute to the relentless struggle and sacrifices of our countrymen, who laid their lives to achieve freedom for our nation. On this beautiful day, let us motivate our fellow countrymen to blossom in the spirit of freedom and pride. Let us treat all our countrymen equally without discriminating against them on the grounds of religion, caste, status, gender, or cultural bias. Let us empower each other and help in the growth and development of our nation. Our country exhibits diversity in terms of languages, customs, traditions, cultures, foods, and celebrations

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you’ll find diversity among all people and their lifestyles.  Yet, we consider all our Indians as our brothers and sisters. Hence we Indians strongly believe in “Unity in Diversity”.

Needless to say, our Kingdom of Bahrain also has a major role in the development of India. India and this beautiful island that goes back to generations, with many of Bahrain’s most prominent figures having close ties with India. The vibrant and dynamic Indian communities here in Bahrain constitute a key link in our bilateral relations. The two countries have had an excellent collaboration in dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19. Together, we have been able to fight back and take the best preventive measures to keep the pandemic at bay.

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We have come decades ahead of our Independence era with significant economic reforms and liberalization in trade and commerce. Starting from the year 1991, our country changed the outlook of governance. A new India with an enlarged vision and road map for the future was on the cards. The transformation from a snail-paced economy to a rapidly growing administration created further inroads for business expansions.

Modernization, backed with innovations, helped to build top-class infrastructure for our country. As of today, we can see higher life expectancy rates with state-of-the-art medical treatments and facilities in every part of the country. The country is slated to see a spike in the number of literates with the implementation of the New Education Policy of 2021. The per capita income of every household has increased by many folds, creating sustainable development of the nation at all levels.

Providing greater access to electricity and connecting even remote villages is a significant achievement in the recent past. Fewer power cuts and substantial power reserves are created at all significant power plants of the country. Current negotiations with developed nations have helped improve India’s talks on nuclear power deals.

India is also inching fast in tapping unconventional sources of energy like wind energy and solar energy in everyday applications. Another major area where the country can clinch past its opponents is in its oil deals with oil-rich countries. It’s an enormous feat for domestic Indian markets as almost every house is fitted with an LPG connection today.

Under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the Government can build a toilet for every household and thereby increase good habits among people while in public places. Cleanliness also is a significant campaign of the Government under this scheme. Higher GDP growths in the recent past have indicated higher economic growth indices for the nation. India has always opened its doors to innovations, and the start-up culture is proof enough for this fact. With the arrival of Rafael jets, India has increased its defense capabilities by several folds.

India has now become a favorite hotspot for millions of global investors in various sectors.  Aviation and space power has continued to draw investor minds into structuring deals with our country. The ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic has not troubled the economic backbone of our country.

We have been able to fight back and take the best preventive measures to keep the pandemic at bay. The financial sectors are also aiming at increasing production by stepping up their investments.  More job opportunities for the youth are definitely on the agenda list of the Government.  Our nation has been pushing for significant policy reforms and higher visibility in trade and commerce wings.

The founding fathers of our nation, along with the numerous freedom
fighters who gave their lives to the country, wanted this nation to be independent and happy. Over the last seven decades, India is now fulfilling that dream, inching closer to becoming a global power. However, to march further in this competitive world, a nation requires science and technology to be counted among the best. It is here that we can contribute. Even if each of us decides to work with different problems of our society, we will see that we all make great contributions towards the nation’s future.


Managing Director of BKG Holding

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