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The Walking Business Power House

Mr. Fareed Yousuf Almoayyed, Deputy Chairman, Y K Almoayyed & Sons.

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It is next to impossible to find an office in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with no desktop or laptop. When Bahrain This Week team met the mighty business man, Mr. Fareed Almoayyed, at his office in the Almoayyed Towers, Manama, it was nothing less than an experience worth a lifetime. Holding multiple responsibilities at once, Mr. Fareed Almoayyed has his whole house of businesses managed from behind his desk with utmost efficiency without the aid of any of the modern day gadgets. But, a man with great respect to the modern technology also accepts the fact that today’s development has bought the whole world to ones finger tips and helps operate business quicker and easier from any corner of the world. Along with the firm support of his brother Mr. Farooq Almoayyed, he has been operating the YK Almoayyed & Sons on the same pedestal and quality guidelines set by their father.

When we asked him about the group success strategy, Mr. Fareed Almoayyed answered with the smile of a winner, “Our guiding principle had been set by my father and we always adhere to the same standard of delivering high quality service at all the sectors we cater to.”

Mr. Fareed Almoayyed was extremely confident when we asked him about the after recession economy of Middle East, Bahrain in particular. “Bahrain is one of the best business friendly nations in the whole of GCC. We have received tremendous support from the Kingdom’s government for new ventures and with several new investments getting pumped into various sectors, there is a visible jump start in the growth of the nation.”

“You may also notice that Bahrain is one of the best grounds for banking and investments. The existing brands are looking forward to extend themselves over the kingdom and there are new names getting added to the list. We are proud that some of them are big shot names known across the globe. ” observed Mr. Almoayyed.

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The young generation of leader, at the Almoayyed group, has been doing wonders since long. The Hard work and effort they put to have the ideals of the group taken to the next level, is praiseworthy. When we asked Mr. Almoayyed about the next generation preparing to take the lead, he shared with us his thoughts and vision. “The new generation is really good and we are proud at the way they always come up with innovative ideas for the development of the organization. But we as elders make sure that they are based on the benchmarks being followed since our forefathers.” He continued, “For now, we are here to guide them and make sure they become the beacon for the coming generations”. He also added with a gentle smile, “And if my kids and grandchildren say I am a good father and a grandfather, like how we acknowledge my father now, I would consider my life worth living.”

Mr. Fareed Almoayyed also had great regards for the excellent workforce under him and stressed on the employee satisfaction factor including the brilliant cooperation that exists between the different nationalities in his team. “Our staffs are our strength. They like working with us and we appreciate their efforts through proper remuneration from time to time. There are always people willing to join us knowing that at Almoayyed, we work together to achieve the same goal where everyone is benefitted.”

When not busy with his hectic schedules, Mr. Fareed Almoayyed makes sure to take time out to socialize. “Meeting people and talking to them is good for me and it’s good for our business as well”. He is also actively involved in numerous philanthropic activities reaching the less privileged sectors in the society.

The walking business power house of Bahrain, who carries with him the knowledge handed down through generations, had the following words of advice for the ambitious novices – “Remember to take one step at a time and try to make things happen slow at its own pace. You don’t wake up one fine morning being successful. It is the humble beginning that leads to higher places. If you have to start a career as an office clerk, never step back. It’s the honest hard work that will bring to you the success you deserve”.

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