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Life StyleiGATime for your annual vehicle traffic inspection?

Time for your annual vehicle traffic inspection?

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With the latest update of the eTraffic app available on bahrain.bh/apps, motorists can use the ‘Traffic and Inspection centres Locater”, which is a new service added to the app for owners of cars , motorbikes , buses etc that exceed 5 years to know the nearest centre to be visited in order to examine their vehicle before renewing the vehicle registration online via Bahrain.bh . 

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The service also provides the working hours and contact details of the GDT services centres and private inspection centres along with its location.

Through the user-friendly eTraffic application, nationals and residents can also complete a range of essential functions from the comfort and safety of their homes. The app is quick, convenient, and hassle-free, empowering motorists in Bahrain to take care of various formalities. 

Motorists can also update their contact details and access quick services, including payment of traffic contraventions, vehicle registration renewals, license registration renewals, and King Fahad Causeway insurance. The app also helps motorists locate speed cameras, fuel stations, and fuel-related services. 

Although most functions can be completed online, some services need personal attendance to the GDT premises, such as transfer ownership of number plates and vehicles, replace driving learning licences and number plates, receive certificates for the cancellation of driving learning licences or new vehicles, and complete mandatory eye tests. If you have already the app update its version to view the new eservice.

For more information, please use ‘Tawasul’ available on the National Portal bahrain.bh and bahrain.bh/apps

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