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Tips to cut down on electricity bills

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As we enter the peak of heat that the Bahrain summer typically brings, we are also faced with the worries that are brought about by the ever-increasing electricity bills that is parallel with the increase in the usage of air-conditioners. Here are five cost-effective tips that could prevent the added stress this summer:

Use a ceiling fan or a stand-fan – While a fan may not provide as much of that cooling-effect that the air-conditioner does, it is definitely the more economical option if are trying to reduce electricity usage. Additionally, it is the healthier option with its ability to recycle air naturally, without the need to limit ventilation as you can use the fan even with the doors and windows open.

Be practical when cooling down – While it does make sense to cool down quicker by setting the AC at the lowest temperature possible, do bear in mind that the appliance’s process of achieving this actually requires the consumption of more energy, therefore resulting to higher electricity costs.

Maintain cooling systems – It’s not enough to use an energy-efficient AC and install a programmable thermostat. If you don’t practice proper maintenance of your appliance, it won’t reduce your cooling costs. Dirty AC filters block airflow and make units run on increased energy levels in order to cool your home. Cleaning and/or replacing filters once a month will lower an AC’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%

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Avoid heat build-up during the day – Whenever the outdoor temperature exceeds the temperature inside your home, try to lessen activities that would further increase the heat, such as cooking on the stove, using the dishwasher or laundry dryer.

Shut curtains, blinds and shades – Opt for lighter shades of furniture, appliances and accessories in your house. The lighter the hue, the more they’ll deflect the sun’s scorching rays. Hang shades as close to windowpanes as possible, as this enables them to also block outdoor heat from radiating inside.

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