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Tourist Delegation Visits Moscow to promote Bahrain Tourism

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A delegation of tourists, comprising representatives from ten tourist establishments, including resorts and hotels, organized by “Visit Bahrain,” embarked on a pioneering trip to the Russian capital, Moscow.

The primary objective was to boost tourism from Russia to Bahrain by highlighting the diverse tourist destinations within Bahrain, the array of sports and entertainment events held throughout the year, and the exceptional services offered by private tourism sector establishments to both individual tourists and groups.

“Visit Bahrain” organized a lavish dinner party in Moscow, attended by nearly a hundred guests, including representatives from major tourism companies, travel agencies, and tourism offices in Russia. The event featured speeches, business meetings, networking sessions, and the coordination of tourism programs tailored for Russian tourists planning to visit Bahrain.

Mr. Ali Amralla, the CEO of “Visit Bahrain,” commended the productive outcomes derived from both the visit and the dinner party and affirmed that numerous Russian partners in the tourism and travel sector have expressed their eagerness to either enter the Bahraini tourism market for the first time or expand their existing market presence. This involves sending more Russian tourists to Bahrain in organized groups, adhering to agreed-upon visiting schedules and entertainment programs.

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Mr. Amralla commented: “Substantial efforts were invested in meticulous preparation for the visit and the dinner party to achieve fruitful results that are expected to positively impact the influx of Russian tourists to Bahrain. This, in turn, aims to elevate hotel and tourism occupancy rates while supporting the broader initiatives of the Ministry of Tourism and the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority in advancing the tourism sector.”

Mr. Amralla added “We anticipate that the positive outcomes of our endeavors will extend beyond the participating tourist facilities to benefit numerous sector entities, and the invitation is extended to all to partake and showcase their enticing tourism offers and programs.”

It is noteworthy that the Russian tourism market ranks among the world’s largest, with projections indicating that the total number of Russians embarking on international tourist trips this year will reach 10 million. According to official tourism indicators, the number of Russian visitors to Bahrain reached 23,761 during the period from January to September in the year 2023.

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