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Traffic Precautions for Summer

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As summer peaks in the Island, it is time to make note of a few things so the driving experience is pleasant despite a harsh weather.


Now is the time to visit your dealer or an AC mechanic to have your air-conditioning system serviced and overhauled so that there is no sudden breakdown of ACs at the height of summer. Servicing at the start of the summer is essential also because in the process the vents, etc ,are cleaned and cleared of any dust and harmful particles.

If for any reason you cannot do so right away, then remember that since your car air-conditioners may have been lying dormant for four or five months, when you put them on for the first time, keep the windows of the vehicle open, switch the ACs on and leave the vehicle immediately. This is to ensure that all the dust and other harmful particles clogging the vents are released from the system without your catching any illness on account of the foul air.

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Vehicle engines sometimes tend to become quite hot with ACs running so it is essential you regularly check that the coolant in the system is always topped up to help maintain a decent temperature under the bonnet. Avoid using plain water. The coolants have certain essential liquids to keep the temperature low.


As the summer progresses the coaltar roads themselves become intensely hot. If your tyres are fully tight with air, make sure in summer that’s not the case. Reduce the air a tiny bit. Remember air tends to expand with heat and, unless your tyres are new or near new, the expanding air in a fully tight tyre may result in a tyre burst leading to the vehicle going out of your control.

If your tyres are really old and have been repaired numerous times it is also advisable in that case to have them changed before the onset of summer.


When you park your car in the open, leave tiny chinks open in the windows. Do not shut them fully closed. That should allow for a free flow of air and not only keep the temperature inside the car a wee bit low when you start it but also avert the possibility – though rare – of the windscreen cracking under intense heat if the air inside the car has no way to escape.


In addition to the chinks, it is a good idea to use a sunscreen under your windscreen to keep the temperature low in the area of the driver’s seat. Remember, when you start the AC, it may take 5 to 7 minutes for the comfortable temperature level to be perceptible. It is also a good idea to keep all the windows fully open for about 100 to 150 metres after staring the car so the hot air finds an easy way to escape.

Happy summer driving!

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