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TRAFFIC: the Do s and Don’t s

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Here are some do’s and don’ts to help one to make driving on the road smooth and accident-free.

For example, you must switch on the indicator to show your intent to turn to the left or the right well in advance so as to alert the traffic behind and next to you rather than just at the last moment [or not at all as many lazy drivers are prone to doing; or switching the indicator just as you are taking the turn as if to fulfil a traffic law requirement belatedly!]

And once you have taken the turn, remember to switch the indicator off so as not to confuse the traffic following you.

Also, remember also to give the right indicator and not fall into the trap of the well-worn jest: “Signal Left Turn Right”!

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If you mean to park your vehicle by the roadside – whether in a lay-by or not – you must put the hazard lights on or be prepared for a disastrous bump by some unsuspecting driver. These are all the more essential after sundown or at night, more so if the area is not well-lit.

However, hazard lights must not be an excuse for parking where you are not supposed to park, such as in the middle of a lane in a two-lane street for the purpose of going to a grocery store or a laundry. You have no right to put hundreds of drivers to inconvenience just because it is convenient for you to buy or pick up something by parking just outside a store. It is your duty and responsibility to look for a proper parking in the vicinity.

Some people also have this habit of keeping their cars running or with keys inside and hazard lights blinking while they are off to drop their children at school or do some shopping, even as their car is blocking the exit of a properly-parked vehicle. This is nothing but bad manners. Do they seriously expect that the aggrieved driver would be able to  that your key is in the car? And if your car is running do you really expect that like a valet he would drive it away and find a proper parking slot for it before taking his own car out?

As a driver one should also understand the importance of a clear rear view. One must keep an eye on what kind of traffic is following one. And to keep the rear view clear it is essential that you must not place any object – that box or that pullover – on the rear dashboard to block your view.

The word  culprits are those who tend to transport mountains of goods or luggage in the boot, thereby ensuring the boot is wide open like an alligator’s mouth and thus their rear view is completely obscured. If you HAVE to transport things in your own vehicle to avoid hiring a pick-up, the least you can do is make two trips instead of one, thus ensuring your boot does not gape in the faces of the drivers following you.

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