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Catching up with Dr. Rim Bogari, Cosmetic Dentist and founder of Dr. Rim Bogari Dental Center

The spacious Dr. Rim Bogari Dental Center, located in Seef is not just a dental center, but a place where art meets dentistry; better defined as a Dental Spa. Dr. Rim Bogari’s name is not new to the Kingdom, as she has been one of the most sought after cosmetic dentists in the Gulf, well known to recreate the smile you have wished for. When the Bahrain This Week team met this meticulous lady at her center, she was all smiles, taking us on a walk through her life being a cosmetic dentist and having her dream come true with her new Dental Center.

We heard that you always wanted to be a fashion designer and it was your parents who motivated you to practise medicine. What’s the story behind this?

Yes. I have always been an artist myself and wanted to be a designer. Practising medicine gave me the guarantee of having a career that I could carry on anywhere in the world. I was in Germany for nearly 8 years, completing my dental studies and training. After coming to Bahrain, I was lucky to have worked with some of the renowned dental centers here. I always had the reverie to own a place that together reflected my passion as an artist as well as a dentist. It’s not just about healing patients but also giving them an environment to feel relaxed and at ease. Also, now with the whole world, including medicine, looking at emphasising the path to beauty, I took up cosmetic dentistry and established Dr. Rim Bogari Dental Center. All thanks to the constant support from my husband and family that I am able to give life to my ideas.

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What made you specialise in dentistry while taking up medicine as a career, when you might have made a great cosmetic surgeon with your artistic skills?

You may be right! But I chose dentistry, as it gave me a better chance to work with my hands. You see, it is not easy being a dentist. You need to know the art of using your hands accurately to get the perfect end results. And that is the challenge I see in my forte and enjoy being here.

What makes your dental center unique from all these other clinics in Bahrain?

As you can see this is the first boutique dental center in this part of the world. It gives a more private privilege for the patients when meeting their specialist. I have this place working based on quality and not on quantity. I prefer my patients to feel at ease and build a kind of personal relationship before beginning the actual treatment. More like giving an experience of being at a spa! And they leave from here smiling and not like having been through painful treatments. Most of the dental specialties like orthodontics specialise only in the functional treatments associated with teeth; like implants. But at the end all we need is a beautiful smile. I care about both the functional treatments and the perfect smile. So our team concentrates on the cosmetic side of dentistry, where we care to give the perfect natural looking pearly whites that would go well with the face of the person. I have a studio at my office where I take the picture of the patient and have a one on one discussion with them to get the details of their problem. I am also very particular about my labs to give the perfect finish. After having tested various labs in Bahrain, I am currently taking the expertise of an Italian designer who helps me create the ideal natural look for my patients. We also have in here the first of its kind Porsche designed dental chair in the Middle East. It is a luxury in itself that leaves my patients feeling pampered while they get pain free treatments done.

How do you think Veneers are successful in giving the perfect ‘Hollywood’ smile?

Veneers really do the job if your dentist knows how to use them properly. Nowadays there are several dentists who use veneers as a quick way to make more money. It requires delicate work done over teeth without actually touching the enamel. The precision of the work requires rounding the corners and polishing the teeth without actually affecting their health. Unlike the drilling and fixing methods used in early days, the new veneer practice is about having them attached in neat exactitude over the enamel alone. It requires following several details from the face and smiling line to get the perfect results that can last as long as 20 years. Also, as long as you have healthy gums and teeth, you can get the veneers done at any age and make yourself feel beautiful.

What are the major oral problems you have noticed in Bahrain?

Swollen gums are one of the major problems I have noticed in Bahrain which is caused by lack of oral hygiene. You need to get your teeth cleaned and dental checkups done on a regular basis to avoid such problems. The second issue I have seen is oversized gums, that makes the teeth lay hidden under the gums. The patients usually complain about having smaller teeth in such condition. If it’s minimal we can treat them with laser and if severe we go for surgery.

Is it true that there is little room left for more developments in cosmetic dentistry?

No. We have lots of development happening in this strong suit and I myself have been continuing with my researches. I think that cosmetic dentistry will always advance especially in the direction of being minimally invasive, that has the dentists working on teeth without actually having to touch them. I have been attending several conferences and also am the Chairperson of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. I keep myself and my center up-to-date with the latest developments and we hope to rise as pioneers in our field in the Middle East.

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