Mr. Khalid Almoayed –Chairman Khalid Almoayed and Sons(KAS) along with Mr Sofyan Almoayed – Managing Director KAS and Mr Abdulrahman Almoayed – Director KAS, Inaugurated  the new Manama Tours shop at Bab al Bahrain promises to deliver tours with a difference. While the shop also caters to overseas travels, cruise liners, travel insurance, air travel etc., it has also introduced a unique way to understand Bahrain- On Bicycles!

Cycling through your destination brings you closer to the land and its people than just about any other style of travel. The mobility of a bike gives you the chance to see well-known locales from a new perspective and opens up their more remote corners to deeper exploration. And since you control the pace, you’re free to stop at a friendly café or roadside market whenever you like. It is this free spirited traveller that Manama Tours equips with a modern cycle and a local tour guide. For the first time ever in Bahrain experience this island country with a guided cycle tour!

Walk in to the Manama Tours shop, sign up for our guided local tour and enjoy peddling your way through Bahrain