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CultureInside BahrainUoB granted ‘Blackboard Catalyst Award for Leading Change’

UoB granted ‘Blackboard Catalyst Award for Leading Change’

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Blackboard Education and Research Foundation has granted the University of Bahrain (UoB) the “Blackboard Catalyst Award for Leading Change”, and placed it among universities that lead change, innovation and excellence across the Middle East.

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The Blackboard Catalyst Award for Leading Change recognises institutions which are on the forefront of educational innovation, and which have developed and implemented high impact educational strategies that scale. It honours universities that have developed practices and/or technologies that have had a measurable effect on learning outcomes, student performance, or academic progression.

The award recognises institutions that actively promote the widespread adoption of innovative strategies with the potential to increase rates of student success nationwide.

Commenting, UoB President, Prof. Dr.  Riyad Yussef Hamzah, said that the prestigious award reflects the great contributions of the UoB within the e-learning community, highlighting the effective teaching strategies developed by the UoB’s professors to improve the educational and learning process.

He affirmed that the UoB will continue developing teaching methods and activating e-learning platforms, whether through the “Blackboard” or the Microsoft 365 package.

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