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Urban Planning and Development Authority (UPDA) Now Taking Your Enquiries on ‘Tawasul’!

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Users of the national suggestions and complaints system, Tawasul will be happy to know that another government entity, the Urban Planning and Development Authority (UPDA),has joined the Tawasul system and  is now available to receive enquiries or suggestions from the public through the system’s various channels. Enquiries on issues such as zoning, mapping, and planning can now be directed to the UPDA through Tawasul, an assurance that the entity is receiving the messages.

The move is in line with UPDA’s commitment to elevating the quality of its services, improving government performance, and providing prompt responses based on the opinions and feedback of stakeholders.

Since its launch, Tawasul is one of the most efficient and convenient channels for receiving suggestions and complaints related to government entities in the Kingdom. Every entity listed on Tawasul has assigned a dedicated team to handle enquiries, providing prompt and effective responses to comments from beneficiaries. With the UPDA joining the system, citizens, residents, and investors now have a new channel to use in communicating with the authority.

Users can access Tawasul to communicate with 40 governmental entities by visiting the National Portal bahrain.bh/tawasul. The Tawasul app is also available for download on bahrain.bh/apps.

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For more information, the public is welcomed to call 80008001.

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