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Valvoline Highlights Key Milestones for 150th Anniversary

Global lubricant company’s impressive international success fuelled by product innovation, scientific ingenuity and smart business practices.

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With 2016 marking its 150th anniversary, Valvoline™ – the petroleum industry’s first trademarked motor oil brand in the U.S., whose lubricants, chemicals and car products are available in more than 160 countries and territories worldwide, is saluting its iconic history with a brief highlights reveal. Brand milestones, spanning 15 decades and the global marketplace, include key moments in time around product innovative, racing success and operational excellence.

Established in Bahrain in 2013, Valvoline™ ??? is sold through the Ebrahim K. Kanoo Group and is recognised by Bahraini car enthusiasts, vehicle technicians and industrial customers as a provider of premium products.

On this occasion Ebrahim K. Kanoo held an event for all Valvoline™ customers in the Kingdom at the Gulf Hotel on March 8th, 2016 which was attended by both companies’ senior executives.

“For 150 years, Valvoline™ has conceptualized, tested and perfected its motor oil science, resulting in a complete portfolio of leading products trusted by mechanics and used in service operations across the globe, including Bahrain,” Valvoline International Sr. Vice President Craig Moughler said. “We estimate that Valvoline has produced over eight billion gallons of motor oil and lubricated well over a billion cars, trucks, motorcycles and more over the course of its existence.”

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The Valvoline brand rivals the heritage of other storied global brands, including Budweiser (1876), Johnson & Johnson (1886) and General Electric (1889), among others.

“The unprecedented 150-year history of Valvoline is truly a milestone to be celebrated worldwide,” said John Stotz of Valvoline International Marketing and Business Development. “Valvoline’s heritage of innovation represents a guarantee for Valvoline users today that they are getting our highest quality protection to help their vehicles and equipment run at their very best.”

Valvoline is celebrating the 150-year anniversary around with world with our distributor partners, commercial customers, mechanics and consumers,” said Moughler. “We’re proud to reach this historic milestone, and our plans, products and service programs ensure that Valvoline will keep the world moving for the next 150 years.”

Valvoline’s history has produced a full product portfolio of advanced options to best service engines, vehicles and equipment worldwide, including Engine Armour™, MaxLife™ Higher Kilometre, SynPower™ Full Synthetic, Premium Blue™ Diesel, Valvoline™ Motorcycle Oils, Valvoline™ Coolants and Valvoline Professional Series™ Service Chemicals.

For additional product and company information, please call 17264718, or visit www.ekkanoo.com.bh or visit valvoline.com (or follow the brand via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to stay up to date on company news, announcements and product promotions.


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