Sunday, June 13, 2021

    Virtual FinTech Series focused on the importance of Employee Financial Wellness and its importance for businesses especially amidst Covid-19

    Earlier last week, Andra Public Relations; a Bahrain based Public Relations firm kicked off their virtual FinTech Series 2020 Edition in partnership with Brinc Batelco. The 6th Virtual FinTech series was titled “Employee Financial Wellness: what is it and why is it important for businesses?” The event highlighted why businesses should have an employee Financial Wellness Strategy in place, and the advantages of educating and empowering employees to make the right financial decisions.

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    The series featured Sanat Agarwal, CEO of SimplyFI Middle East, Dania Al Showaikh, Marketing Manager of Tarabut Gateway and Sana Haji, Senior Business Development Manager at the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance. Each speaker shared their insights from a general, corporate and psychological perspective of why employee financial wellness is critical, especially amidst this crisis.

    According to PwC’s 2020 Employee Financial Wellness Survey, employees were asked what causes them the most stress, and most cited that financial matters were their top concern. Why is an employee wellness program important? Having financially sound employees has various benefits for corporates such as increase of productivity as employees aren’t distracted by their financial worries, increase employee engagement and health, and more.

    Fatema Isa Ebrahim, CEO of Andra Public Relations “We are so excited to start the 2nd Edition with Brinc Batelco this year. Our focus will shift to cater to the current time and highlight topics within the Fintech sector that can support corporates and startups. Financial wellness programs have become so crucial due to how it can impact an employee’s physical and mental health, especially now that the next predicted pandemic will be most likely a mental health crisis, and we will witness the effects of Covid-19 on businesses, and individuals.”

    Last year, Andra Public Relations held 5 FinTech series in partnership with the Capital garnering over 30 speakers and 200+ attendees over the course of 10 months.

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