Saturday, April 17, 2021

    VIVA Bahrain extends local communities programme with support for renovation of Bahrain Psychiatric Hospital

    VIVA Bahrain has recently announced the completion of its community-related renovation project regarding Bahrain’s psychiatric hospital. The hospital is considered the main center for psychiatric care in the country, offering services to everyone suffering from mental health illnesses. It’s been working for 83 years to fulfill its sole mission of increasing awareness of mental disability and promoting mental wellbeing, and now with VIVA Bahrain’s support, the hospital will be able to continue achieving its goals.

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    VIVA’s project focused on renovating the hospital’s garden area, which was designed by Art Reach, a non-profit group of artists and designers who volunteer their time and skills, to work with students and community members to produce creative art installations in Bahrain. VIVA’s and Art Reach’s volunteers added plants and colorful mosaics to brighten up the space and create a happier environment for the hospital’s patients and visitors. In addition to that, the VIVA team has also installed a brand-new kid’s playground area, to encourage outdoor based activities and promote children’s physical development.

    Sh. Zeyad bin Faisal Al Khalifa, Chief Government Affair’s Officer “With over one year of work, we are very excited to unveil this remarkable project. At VIVA Bahrain, we are constantly joining hands with local organizations to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of the Bahraini community, and with this new project, VIVA renews its commitment to the development and execution of sustainable projects in Bahrain. We hope that we can bring happiness and comfort to the patients of The Psychiatric Hospital and their families”.

    Since its establishment, VIVA has been a pioneer in giving back to its community, through its CSR arm, VIVA Jusoor, whether by direct donations, or contributing services, employees’ time and expertise, and other resources to help a wide variety of causes and charities. Throughout the years, VIVA Bahrain has won several awards in recognition of its grassroots CSR initiatives and in 2018, the company was recognized for its most notable national-level initiative ‘Iftar Saem’ and won both Shaikh Isa bin Ali Award for Voluntary Work and the International CSR Sustainability Award.

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