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Wind Rises Launches in Dubai’s Mina Rashid

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Wind Rises sailing community was launched at DP World’s Mina Rashid Marina in Dubai. Sailing experiences on performance yachts will take place at the port every day, and will be available to sailors of different skill levels.

Despite yachting being one of the world’s most popular sports, starting to sail has always been a challenge. Wind Rises is the solution to this problem. The community allows you to effortlessly and affordably book a sailing session, enabling you to embark on an exciting adventure. Users just need to check the available time slots and choose an instructor. Wind Rises is aimed to make sailing more accessible and affordable, in order to engage newcomers living in urban areas and attract new audiences.

Hamza Mustafa, Chief Operating Officer of P&O Marinas, a DP World company, said: “The arrival of Wind Rises at Mina Rashid Marina offers a new experience in the world of watersports and adventure activities. As part of our vision to elevate sailing in Dubai and the region, we have created a conducive environment with state-of-the-art amenities and services to give the perfect platform for companies like Wind Rises to support sailing enthusiasts, and drive the yachting industry to new heights.”

The United Arab Emirates is among the most culturally diverse and rapidly growing countries in the region. Affordable sailing activities are experiencing a significant surge in demand, owing to the increasing interest in leisure, sports, and a healthy lifestyle in Dubai today. The Wind Rises sailing base will be located in the heart of Heritage Dubai, at the mouth of the Creek.

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Max Pinigin, CEO of Wind Rises, the sailing community, said: “Sailing is now one of the world’s most popular hobbies and sports, with a rich history and traditions, and we believe that Dubai is the perfect location for the launch of Wind Rises. We are modernising the sport and making it accessible and affordable for everyone, and we hope to conduct this transformation as gracefully as Dubai does.”

The fleet consists of FAREAST 28R racing keelboats that combine the expertise and accumulated techniques of the European Design Office Simonis Voogd and Far East Boats. It is a well-designed, easy-to-handle, and high-performance uniform class racing sailboat.

Every boat forms a team of 2 to 6 people. Special skills are not necessary as the team will be accompanied by an instructor, who will introduce them to the yachting safety measurements, and the principles of yachting during the experience. Those who value adventures and excitement can participate in the cups and races. Sailing experiences may also be interesting for the people who want to enjoy the city views, and to explore Dubai from a different perspective.

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