Bahrain Women Union recently organized a seminar entitled “An aware family, a sophisticated society” in Mashq Art Space, in Budaiya area.

The seminar aimed to shed light on the reflections of the awareness of family members, and the role of family stability in the stability of society in Bahrain, which is one of the sophisticated and cultured societies in the region due to its members’ characteristic ethics and good values. More than 35 young individualsbetween theage group of 25 and 40 years participated in the seminar, from various fields,ranging from lawyers and educators and psychologyspecialiststo many practical and social expertsnot to be dismissed. It is possible for young people to have influence in the role of family members, and thus to have positive impact on the community in legal, educational, psychological or economical circles.   

Mrs. Fatima Idris commented on this workshop, saying, “The family is a miniature model of society in which every individual has rights and duties; it is the nucleus to forming communities. Everything that happens within a family reflects on the behavior of individuals through their dealings with the larger community. Today we wanted to shed light on individual awarenessdue to its importance in the advancement of society, and its contribution to driving development, going hand in hand with the institutions of the Kingdom.

She added, “Bahraini society is considered a community with its own identity that distinguishes it from other communities. This aspect is important for all members of society to be aware of, in order to preserve this unique image that we are renowned for. Today with the era of modern technology, our societies have become open to many cultures. This comes with pros and cons, but it is important for everyone to be actively involved so that we may maintain our identity and avoidnegative immersion in other communities. “