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Xbox Live down for lot of gamers today

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Xbox Live is having connectivity problems for many people on Xbox One and Xbox 360, according to a number of complaints from people on social media. This is preventing people from accessing the servers for games like Destiny, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and more. Many people are also having troubles starting multiplayer parties and using other network features.

These kinds of problems don’t always affect everyone equally, and if you’re online with your Xbox Live account right now, avoid getting offline. Most of the issues seem to hit people trying to boot up their system for the first time today.

This is just the most recent of a number of outages for Xbox Live. The service has gone down a number of times this year — although it isn’t alone. Sony’s PlayStation Network has definitely had a ton of problems of its own. Microsoft’s online system has gone down at least twice this month while PSN has had more than four major outages in July.

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