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Yas Mall Celebrates Chinese New Year

Yas Mall offers great events and surprises to celebrate the Chinese New Year

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Yas Mall, a leading shopping, dining and entertainment destination, a series of magnificent celebrations in February to coincide with the Chinese New Year, where the mall will offer many exciting events for all visitors, including residents and tourists. Chinese Ambassador “Zhang Hua,” will open the celebrations inspired by the ancient Chinese heritage, which includes a variety of distinctive activities.

The event will start on February 4 to February 8, 2016, which will include a variety of great offers to dazzle visitors of all ages and cultures, with exclusive offers provide for the first time in the UAE provided by the dancers are professionals. In addition to the decoration of Chinese heritage and wonderful garden there will be the “Wealth Tree” and ”Mimic the Cherry Tree”, which is believed to bring good luck in China. Visitors can also enjoy a unique shopping experience through the presentation of “Shop and Win”, where the mall provides an opportunity for numerous awards on shopping of AED 300 from participating stores, with a chance to win the grand prize of Ten Thousand Dirhams. The mall will also racer data especially through its pages on Facebook and Instagram with a chance to win more prizes and distinctive experiences.

On this occasion, Talal Theyabi, Chief Development Officer at ALDAR Properties said: “We look forward to welcoming all visitors to enjoy the distinctive Bfagliatna throughout the year, including the Chinese New Year. And held such events as part of our efforts to provide a unique and exclusive experiences for all visitors, including The Chinese community in the UAE. Yas Mall continues to work always to provide events and recreational and cultural activities to suit all family categories, which aims to interdependence between cultures and celebrate Ptaddha in the United Arab Emirates. “

And to provide a distinctive experience, Yas Mall offers multiple events, consisting of kung fu offers, a distinctive and acrobatic offer, in addition to the music of Chinese drums in the Town Square in the mall. The center will be decorated with traditional red Chinese lanterns, which are believed in China that it brings luck and wealth, with a special corner for photographs for the chance to pick up a unique souvenir photos of its kind with family and friends.

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To inform visitors more about the Chinese culture, visitors at Yas Mall will be offered workshops for writing Chinese calligraphy and workshops for making Chinese lantern where visitors can get a distinctive handicrafts, as well as special workshops for children to ensure the shopping experience and great entertainment for the entire family throughout the weekend.

Yas Mall will provide visitors with many of the defining events per month throughout the year, for the enjoyment of all ages, cultures and experiences tastes distinctive and unique activities Taatmouhr about heritage and the arts, fashion, sports and family celebrations.

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