She is young, dynamic with a dream to pursue and achieve. Meet Shahd Alzaki, the owner of MIEVENTO Creative Hub, who tells about her dreams, passions, beliefs, and all that goes into making her the strong and perceptive individual that she is.

Tell us briefly about yourself. Where you were born and raised, any special childhood memory?

My name is Shahd Alzaki. I am a graduate of Architecture Major from university of Bahrain with passion for Fashion, PR, Marketing and events, and that is what made me start up my own thing which is MIEVENTO creative hub.

I was born and raised at Riffa in Bahrain. I had a very pampered childhood, as I was the only child and the first grandchild in the family. So I got everyone’s attention. The best memory I have is that I was different than other kids, and I hated indoor games I loved to just go out and play outdoors with everyone, and especially playing bicycle.

What brought you to start up an independent venture? Tell us about your company, MIEVENTO.

My passion to Marketing & Events and my 6 years’ experience working in different companies and countries is what gave me the motivation to take up the risk and create my own brand in the creative world.

MIEVENTO Creative Hub is a creative agency with youthful direction that provides services in Digital Marketing, PR and Event management. We are also building a creative hub for all creative artists and freelancers to teach them how to turn a talent to business and connect them with the business world.

Please mention some awards /recognition that your business has acquired so far.

We participated in Chance Entrepreneurship Program and won the 1st prize for our business idea.

How is Mievento Creative Hub different from other business consultancies or PR/Advertising/Branding

MIEVENTO Creative Hub is the 1st creative agency in the Gulf that is specialized in Youth Marketing. We work with the clients that would like to target youth between 18 to 35 years old. We believe because, we are very close to that age we understand the right tools to be used in Marketing for that market.

We don’t just organize events to our clients we create our own youthful events and that is where our touch can show, we try to bring always something new to the market.

What have been the major challenges in your path of success so far?

The 1st challenge I faced to start up in a small market with a lot of competition and with no capital and try to build a brand from scratch. Finding a new value that will make us standout wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Another thing and still till now it is a challenge is finding the right passionate people to hire. The team is everything to us. We need people that are proactive and will always think “outside the bulb” like we say in MIEVENTO.

What are the basic qualities an individual needs to take the bold step to start up something on their own?

  • Number #1 and forever is your Passion. You need be passionate about what you want to do and you have  to love what you do to do what you love 24/7.
  • Determined and willing to give his 24/7 to achieve his/her dream.
  • Hard-working and self-motivated. You will feel down a lot along the way but you have to remember why you started this from the beginning.
  • Loves team work because, alone you will not achieve a thing. You will always need a great team to lift you up.
  • Last thing, I will say a risk taker because, in your own thing you will be the decision maker and you will have to take a lot of risks and handle the results as well.

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

1st I see us by the end of this year building the creative hub which is a space that will function as a co-working creative space for talents and start-ups in Bahrain.

Second I see MIEVENTO having branches all around the Gulf Region and expanding.

Sustain that we are the 1st and biggest agency specialized in youth or teen Marketing and Events.

What kind of help and support do you seek to help reach your goal?

We honestly just need partners to believe in our Events ideas and support us financially to make them happen.

Another thing would be as mentioned great talents to join our team to grow bigger and better.

Is it important to be qualified in the PR/Marketing/Business development industry to start up a company in that field?

No, because I’m a great example for that I came from an engineering background of Architecture with no academic background in Marketing or event Business Management.

But, what you have to do is to be welling to learn and have the passion for it.

What is your message to budding entrepreneurs in the country?

Believe in yourself and do not wait for anyone to spoon-feed you nor push you. Create the passion even if you don’t have it and follow it. Take up the risk and you will never regret it.

Everything happens for a reason, so stick to your belief and passion and they shall guide you.

One thing you will learn in this journey of starting up anything is that you will discover a lot about yourself and you will change a lot and grow.