Zain Bahrain Hosts a Successful Virtual All Staff Meeting

Zain Bahrain Virtual meeting

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Zain Bahrain, a leading telecoms operator in the Kingdom hosted a successful virtual all staff meeting earlier this week. The meeting focused was on providing an update on the numerous steps taken by Zain for their customers and employees’ wellbeing. As well as an update on business operations.

Zain Bahrain virtual all staff meeting was attended by Zain Bahrain CEO, Duncan Howard, and Zain Bahrain Managing Director, Mohammed Zainalabedin along with Zain Bahrain management team and employees. The virtual meeting was held to reinforce the spirit of being one family “Together apart”, leverage on the strength of an engaged and connected organization, and to provide recent updates. Howard and Zainalabedin thanked Zain Bahrain team for their contribution and emphasized the importance of the telecommunication’s role especially during such critical times in providing connectivity and a superior customer experience that Zain Bahrain promises its customers.

Zain Bahrain has mobilized its response plans in every area of its business to support customers, employees, and the community as they face the new challenges of COVID-19.

Keeping customers connected, and the safety of customers and employees are Zain’s highest priorities.