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A Wide Range Activities and Training Opportunities for Youth available with the eShabab App!

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Are you looking for exciting events, programs, and activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain? Look no further than the eShabab app, available for download via the eGovernment Apps store, bahrain.bh/apps! Whether you’re passionate about sports, arts, entrepreneurship, or community engagement, this app has something for you.

Developed by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the eShabab app offers a wide number of current events, programs, and activities tailored to the interests and aspirations of young Bahrainis. One of its key features is user-friendly profile creation. You can browse through the available youth programs, conveniently divided into different intervals, and register for the ones that capture your interest. With just a few taps, you can secure your spot and embark on an enriching journey.

The app provides a seamless platform to enquire about the status of assessment exams so you can stay informed about your progress and take charge of your educational and professional growth. It offers other features that cater to the needs of the entire family. You can easily add family members to your profile, allowing them to register for programs and stay connected with Bahrain’s vibrant youth community. Set reminders for upcoming events, ensuring you never miss out on an exciting opportunity. The app also encourages the spirit of volunteerism by allowing you to register as a volunteer through its “Sawaed” program and to share your ideas with the government entities participate by participating in “AlMustashar”.

Additionally, Youth City 2030 registration is now open, and it can be done easily through the eShabab app by logging in via eKey account. If you don’t have eKey, you can easily obtain one by visiting www.ekey.bh .

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