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‘Al Hilal Cares’ strengthens CSR activities in the holy month of Ramadan

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As the crescent moon ushers in the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide prepare for a time of spiritual reflection and renewal. Ramadan is a special time of year, a month of self-improvement, spiritual reflection, and selfless community service. Al Hilal Healthcare Group embraced its corporate social responsibility by sharing Iftar Kits for the people at the significant traffic signals near all 8 Al Hilal branches around the time of Iftar, which is in line with long-established practice and celebrating Ramadan. With the tagline “AL HILAL CARES – A helping hand for the needy,” the team is delighted to share the spirit of giving and make it easier for people to break their fast while on the move. The kit contains all the essential items to break the fast and relieve from the quench and hunger.

The CEO Dr Sharath Chandran, Mr. Asif Moahmmed, Vice President of Al Hilal Healthcare Group, Mr. Franco Francis Branch Head of Al Hilal Muharraq Branch, CA Sahal Jamaludheen, Finance Manager of Al Hilal Healthcare Group along with other team members distributed the boxes on Busaiteen Signal themselves. In the respect towards the holy month of Ramadan, the management of Al Hilal healthcare Group decided to do it in-person, considering it their social responsibility they hold in the community. It was a gesture of humbleness towards the holy month and all those who fast while working and on the go. The boxes will be distributed throughout the month of Ramadan.

Dr. Sharath Chandran, Chief Executive Officer of Al Hilal Healthcare Group, says, “We have been doing it for more than 15 years now and it is indeed our core responsibility to continue serving the communities in one way or another. ‘AL HILAL CARES’ is one initiative we take in this holy month of Ramadan by providing iftar kits to the people on the move and this time I felt happy doing it myself.”

Mr. Asif Mohammed, Vice President of Al Hilal Healthcare Group, mentioned, “As the leading healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we believe we have the responsibility to our communities to offer support wherever and whenever possible. ‘AL HILAL CARES’ is one such initiative that we will continue to lend a helping hand during and after Ramadan for needy people.”

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700 kits are distributed every day across different areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Al Hilal Healthcare aspires to continue this practice every Ramadan from now.

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