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Al Salam Bank’s Bold Move to Nurture Bahrain’s Football Talents for World Cup 2030 and 2034 Qualification

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Al Salam Bank recently unveiled its latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) brand campaign, ‘Why Stop Here’, aimed at supporting national efforts to empower and develop various key sectors within the local community. This new drive builds on the Bank’s record-breaking growth and ongoing milestones, reflecting its commitment to go beyond traditional banking products and services.

The ‘Why Stop Here’ campaign showcases Al Salam Bank’s goals to establish the next generation of ambitious talents and build future success stories. The initiative is centered around three main community segments: sports, health, and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

A pivotal component of this campaign is the ‘Project Dream’ initiative, powered by Al Salam Bank and Ole Academy. Through this strategic partnership, Al Salam Bank aims to support national efforts in paving the way for young talents by nurturing their football skills, setting the stage for them to potentially join the Bahrain national football team, and preparing them for the World Cup 2030 and 2034. This collaboration involves the implementation of an all-encompassing strategy designed to foster player development through meticulously crafted plans. The initiative is geared towards elevating the technical, tactical, and physical skills of young players, with a simultaneous focus on prioritizing their mental well-being. Moreover, it includes the orchestration of semi-annual talent exchange programs with esteemed European football clubs, coupled with the provision of external training camps. All these efforts will be conducted in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities, including the Bahrain Football Association, and will align with their ongoing endeavors in this field.

Ole Academy was chosen by Al Salam Bank for its remarkable track record in fostering football excellence. The academy stands out for its history of achieving significant milestones, including winning prestigious championships and developing top-class players who have excelled on national and international stages. Ole Academy brings a team of internationally experienced coaches and a global perspective to football training.

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As part of the ‘Why Stop Here’ campaign, the Bank will continue its collaboration with the relevant authorities within the Bahrain Paralympic Committee to promote and highlight Bahraini Paralympic athletes, in addition to spreading awareness about this segment within the local community. This initiative coincides with the forthcoming Paris Paralympics, scheduled to take place in 2024. In line with our commitment to serving the local community, the Bank’s ongoing initiatives in cooperation with relevant health sector authorities will also persist in contributing to achieving aspirations in this regard.

Recognizing their critical role in the Kingdom’s economic development, Al Salam Bank will also leverage its resources to support Bahraini entrepreneurs and SMEs. This vital segment will receive further assistance from the Bank in its transformation journey, contributing to the growth and advancement of their businesses. The Bank will announce more details about these initiatives in due course.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Eihab Ahmed, Deputy CEO of Corporate Affairs at Al Salam Bank, said: “Al Salam Bank has proudly developed as a pioneer in the Islamic banking industry. By building on our current momentum with the launch of ‘Why Stop Here’, we believe in empowering our local community and creating a lasting impact on our clientele that goes beyond our daily offerings and financial solutions. Why Stop Here’ is more than a campaign; it’s our commitment to fostering the next generation of socially responsible leaders and world-class champions, in alignment with our ESG goals.”

On his end, Mr. Mahmood Qannati, Head of Marketing and Communications at Al Salam Bank, said: “It is with great pride that we introduce our latest initiative, ‘Project Dream’, which supports various national efforts in Bahraini football. This represents more than just a commitment to our clients; it embodies our support for a national dream – to see the Bahrain national football team compete in the World Cup. At Al Salam Bank, we understand the importance of this long-standing ambition to every Bahraini citizen, and through this initiative, we are setting in motion a series of strategic efforts to turn this dream into a reality.”

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