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“APM Terminals” winners of the Eighth Annual DYF Business Show

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The “Design Your Future campaign (DYF)” successfully concluded its eighth annual ‘Design Your Future Business Show”, with “APM Terminals” securing the championship. The event, a witness to its consistent success, has become a focal point for effective communication within the business community and engagement with various segments of Bahraini society.

This year’s edition, conducted under the umbrella of the “Design Your Future campaign”, embraced a new dimension by providing students with an opportunity to participate alongside business professionals. The “DYF Business Show” not only serves as a platform for companies to test their knowledge in a dynamic and competitive setting but also acts as a stage for emerging talents among Bahraini students.

The competition spotlighted the key business sectors that contribute to Bahrain’s status as a leading centre for finance and business. “APM Terminals”, “National Bank of Bahrain”, “Benefit Bahrain”, and a team of talented “DYF’s students” engaged in spirited competition, with “APM Terminals” emerging as the well-deserved champion.

The first-place prize was a cash award of BD1000, which went to team “APM Terminals” that showed great teamwork and industry knowledge to win the competition. The “Bahrain Benefit” secured the second spot, followed by “National Bank of Bahrain (NBB)” in third place, and the “DYF students’ team” in the fourth place.

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The MCs for the show were selected through a competitive process, emerging as winners in the MC’s competition. Hussain Majeed served as the main MC for all four nights, bringing his engaging presence to the stage. Additionally, Zahra Hasan, and Omaima Alqallaf each took on a role as MC for one night, and Salsabeel Alnoami took a part in the first and last night, adding variety and energy to the event.

Zahraa Taher, managing director of “FinMark Communications”, “We are pleased to organize the eighth annual DYF business Show after it met with success and acceptance by the public and by the companies and institutions participating in it in the past years.

She added, “Also, to clarify the importance of the objectives of the Design Your Future campaign, we were keen to develop the students’ skills by adding students to each team to give them the opportunity to gain experience. We also provided opportunities for the students to be the MCs this year, to discover the talents hidden in Bahraini society and support them. We held a student competition for those with talent on stage, through which MCs were chosen to present the competition in front of the audience this year, and in which the performance tests were evaluated by a jury of prominent media professionals.

The Design Your Future Business Quiz Show 2023 owes much of its success to the dedicated sponsorship from key partners. Credimax, serving as the financial partner. Tamkeen, the strategic partner. Additionally, Foulath’s sponsorship of the show segment added value by enhancing the competitive atmosphere. The Design Your Future Business Quiz Show expresses heartfelt appreciation to Credimax, Tamkeen, and Foulath for their essential contributions.

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