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Batelco’s Customised Solution Designed to Enhance Cloud Network Connections

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Following Batelco’s introduction of AWS Direct Connect services in 2019 and SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) in 2020, the Company has created a customized solution that bundles both services. AWS Direct Connect provides an easy way for customers to establish a dedicated private network connection between AWS and Data Centers, offices, or colocation environments, while SD-WAN is an end-to-end networking solution that seamlessly blends MPLS, Internet, LTE and 5G technologies into a single communication channel that delivers improved visibility, agility, control and cloud integration.

The new integrated solution, combining the two services to form one practical bundle, enables companies to connect their branch offices and Data Centers to AWS environments through managed, secure, and optimized network services. Customers can additionally choose their preferred network route, whether through the Internet or through Private Connection, to utilize the services.

Hani Askar, A/General Manager of Global Business at Batelco, said: “With the continuous drive of Cloud-first strategies, organizations with a number of locations ranging from their headquarters to branch offices need to ensure that all their employees have secure, fast, consistent network access, regardless of their location and device. Additionally, the increase of employees’ mobility, combined with the rise of hybrid architectures consisting of private servers, public cloud and virtual servers, has led to applications and data being hosted in both Data Center and Cloud environments. These circumstances complicated network traffic management and application delivery, adding strain to the traditional network.”

“Therefore, we are pleased to address this need and provide the essential support that enterprises require to enhance their migration into a more digital-centric world. The aim is to introduce new solutions that could potentially make sophisticated global networks easier to monitor, manage, and become more agile,” he added.

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 “We are proud to be the first in the region to provide our customers with such a solution that supports them in their Cloud-computing adoption,” Mr. Askar concluded. For more information customers are invited to email globalsales@btc.com.bh

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