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Breaking Stereotypes Through Art

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Mayasa Al Sowaidi, Inspiring many from her passion for art. 

Mayasa has won numerous awards throughout the region for her work, the last one being from the Sovereign Art Foundation in 2016, where she was the first-ever Public Vote Prize winner of the Sovereign MENA Prize.

Characterized by its distinct shapes and impressions, Mayasa’s work embodies an elegance and grace that is both subtle and bold while reflecting her experience as both a writer and a mixed media artist. Her abstract artworks have enjoyed regional and international fame, appealing to a wide variety of audiences both locally and throughout the region.

“ in maths everything should be balanced, it should be clear in art I feel more free as it has opened doors for me, its my way to relax “

Mayasa Al Sowaidi is a painter who is not afraid to experiment with diverse forms of visual artistic expressions. Her earlier works mostly include figurative works on canvas in oil or acrylics and have varied in style from expressionist to pointillist. In a new project titled Art of tea, she completed a series of collage works for which she re purposed thousands of used tea bags collected from hotels and restaurants. The colors of tea – black, white, green and red – comprise the palette of this project

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The idea for the art of tea came to her during Food is culture an event staged by a MOC at the event, Al Sowaidi was paired with an italian chef and the artist proposed using tea for their project – both as an art material and as a cooking ingredient. While Al Sowaidi worked with the colors created by tea strains, her partner prepared white tea spritzers and earl grey – marinated chicken.

Further pushing the boudoirs of painting al sow has experimented with incorporating writing on canvas. In one series titled inner gesture, she brought poem on the essence of color onto the canvas.

Al Sowaidi is an ambitions and courageous self taught artist. Her carrier and passion for art are not always aligned, but she maintains the art is an essential component of her daily life. She holds a bachelor degree n mathematics and post graduate diploma in business adminstaration  and is now pursing a PhD in social science with a focus on emotional intelligence at the University of Grenoble. She currently works at the Central Bank of Bahrain.

Her recent work include more and more geometric patterns reminiscent of islamic art. Since there was a strong kinship between islamic art and mathematics and geometry it is perhaps unsurprising to find a skilled mathematics graduate exploring absctact art.

Several works from al sow art of tea series have sine been acquired, two private collector and one by an art gallery been acquired in dubai. She is preparing for a new show in Dubai later this year.

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