Tuesday, October 26, 2021

    BTEA Distributes Certificates to the Participants of the ‘Ceramic Pots’ Workshop

    The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), represented by the Handicrafts Directorate, held a graduation ceremony for the participants of the ‘Ceramic Pots’ workshop tailored for teachers of the Ministry of Education. The ceremony was held on Thursday, 18 April 2019 at Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre, one of the prominent tourist destinations in Bahrain, showcasing a number of authentic Bahraini handicrafts.

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    The course, held between 7 and 18 April 2019, was conducted by Mr. Hussain Abdul Rahim and Mr. Maitham Ali and aimed to enhance the skills of 14 participants. The workshop focused on the basic skills and techniques of making pottery, the craft Bahrainis have been practicing over the past decades.

    The trainees also learned how to work with clay, the basic component of pottery, in means of the preparation method and characteristics, which was the most critical part of the course, requiring focus and carefulness while gaining the most knowledge through practice.

    On this occasion, Head of AlJasra Handicraft Centre, Mr. Yasser Yousif Al Sayyed, said: “We are pleased to have received such a great turnout during the workshop which was hosted for the teachers in the Ministry of Education. This is a positive indicator of the keenness of Bahraini cadres to develop their skills and abilities to be able to transfer this knowledge to their students, and to discover and nurture their artistic and professional talents to be the solid base of the next generation of artisans. “

    BTEA strives to host a series of workshops and training courses throughout the year, being presented by the most competent experts in many fields with the aim to preserve the Kingdom’s crafts and traditional industries for future generations.

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