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Capital Governorate and Diwan Hub Forge Partnership for ‘Healthy Cities Program

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The Director of Information and Follow-up  of the Capital Governorate recently visited Diwan Hub to discuss potential collaboration and the implementation of a range of joint programs and events. The incubator targets local startups in need of guidance, mentoring, and support for entrepreneurship communities and innovation encouragement. This holds particular importance, particularly with the availability of facilities and technological support services.

On this occasion, Mr. Yusuf Yaqoob Lori, the Director of Information, emphasized the importance of partnerships with business incubators and accelerators in fostering small projects and startups with all the necessary support factors. This, in turn, serves the prospects of investment in the entrepreneurship sector.

Fatima Ebrahim,  Manager of Diwan Hub expressed “We are excited about the prospects it holds for innovative ventures and the positive impact on our entrepreneurial landscape in Bahrain”

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